COVID-19 Thoughts Part 113: One father is passing on his Humanist Faith...and "They" have written books for children about it

The intent of this piece is not to attack children, but rather the importance of parents to shape their children’s worldview…especially if they call themselves Christians.  However certain ideals will be challenged.

Douglas Harris is an entrepreneur if not a successful business man in his own right.  Since he was a college student, his interests in eyesight and eyewear led him to establish the business 1-800-Contacts.  Since that time, Harris’s business has grown into other areas, including his own line of eyeglasses (Liingo Eyewear) and contacts (AquaSoft Daily), online prescription renewal (ExpressExam) and lens replacement (Boomerang).  Harris would also call himself a Humanist and a Skeptic according to his Twitter account. 

He is not the first humanist (if not something greater than Humanist) to become an entrepreneur (look at Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield and their famous ice cream), and likely will not be the last.  But this piece is not just about Doug Harris, but the fact that he is a father of two daughters.  Like other parents, he will bring them up in his worldview, in hopes of passing on that worldview to their offspring.   Being a Humanist and a Skeptic, he has the wind to his back regarding who is watching, and how powerful the Spirit of the Age is right now.  Even in Mormon/LDS dominated Utah were he and his family currently reside.

Non-Belief has been growing in America in recent years and the militant Humanist/Freethinkers want to capitalize on this and win the hearts, minds and yes, the souls of people with their worldview.  It does matter because in the long run, it will determinate how people will live in this finite/temporary life.  What are the rules, what are the customs, who and what made us, and who holds us accountable for breaking rules and customs?  Will we live free or live as slaves?  Contrary to what the so-called Freethinkers say, this country has not grown because they embraced a secular worldview and lifestyle.  They just rejected a state church, and the unbiblical if not apostate concept of the Right of Kings or the ideal that God loved the Monarchs more than he loved the peasants or even the King’s Court.  They understood the need for God and that he did exist, and that without him, you would not have certain God given rights that man himself must never take away…even if he/she done so in the past. 

There was always an apostate of some kind, but those like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin understood the need for God and/or Nature’s God.  The modern Humanist/Freethinker is part of a much greater Faith and Political movement which both Faith and Politics have become intertwined if not married to each other.  This movement has also been a great threat to those who question and decent from it…especially those who take the Christian faith seriously.

Doug Harris, and his daughters, have collaborated on a series of children’s books.  The oldest daughter Bailey has co-written the “Stardust” series in which Bailey’s animated counterpart named Stardust present an evolutionary worldview regarding the origins of the universe and the claim that we are nothing but stardust.  So far there are three books in the Stardust series, and her first book as gotten a great write up from Richard Dawkins himself (she also had a chance to meet Dawkins in person).  This young lady even paid a visit to the Ark Encounter to challenge the ideal of creationism.  Bailey herself said that Ken Ham is doing harm to the children, and also said;” The final section of the Encounter is set in the scary modern world where people go to college and learn that the Bible is a work of fiction. Kids: Go to college!”  Yeah, so these kids can be educated by Marxist Leftist Professors who would not only do more damage to the young mind, not only tell them they are stardust and/or slime (and that we were created by that…but who or what created that?), but also inculcate a worldview that is truly setting us up for a scary brave new world.  Bailey truly has been indirectly mentored by Neil DeGrasse’s version of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos (which to date has ran for two seasons on Fox Broadcasting and National Geographic Channel) as well as Sagan’s own book The Cosmic Connection.  She will be a force to reckon with as she was trained by the apostate quite well…especially from her father.

The youngest daughter Elle (pronounced L), also has a book of her own titled Elle the Humanist.  As with her older sister, Douglas (the father) also helped out in the writing of her book.  According Elle herself, this book came about when her class mates asked about God, Heaven and Hell and Elle’s own faith.  While the book is a simplified explanation of humanism to children…those who pay close attention to the illustrations in the book will see that humanism is really part of a much greater faith and political movement…” Progressivism!”  Elle both the real person and the animated counterpart claim to be a Humanist and proclaim that Humanists try to be good people and make the world a better place for everyone.  When I hear that, my red flags are raised because I hear that from those who claim Marxism and/or Progressivism.  Humanism is truly a secular religion and its part of the greater Progressive faith and political movement.  That can be seen on the next pages of Elle’s book.  On one page the words peace and social justice, critical thinking, responsibility, are wrapped around pictures two humans of different colors embracing (no problem), philosophical books (OK), and finally protest signs declaring Justice For All, and Equality to name a few (now we have a problem).

On the next page we see the animated Elle reading a book behind pictures of Harriet Tubman, Harvey Milk, and recently deceased SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  The later two are icons if not idols to not only to the Humanists, but the overall progressive movement.  While Tubman was a faithful Christian or at least to her Church and did believe in God, the latter two were leftist radicals.  Milk being the first openly Gay mayor of San Francisco, and while RBG was not first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, she garners more respect from the progressive left than Sandra Day O’Connor who was the actual first female justice on the court…she was just nominated by Ronald Reagan…that’s all.  Meanwhile RBG was nominated by one of the ‘greatest Presidents of our modern age…second only to Barack Obama’…William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton.  The book ends with Ellie and her friends of diversity as Ellie and those closest to her hold up a globe of our world.  I can hear John Lennon’s Imagine or the children’s chorale anthem Dream a Dream (which is not as hostile to faith is Imagine is) advocating a New World Order in which we will all get along and some kind of United Earth (including a one world government) will emerge…similar to the humanist dreams of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (himself a humanist).  Conserving America and its founding principles is not a part of the progressive humanists endgame kids.

So, what does Bailey find so scary at the Ark Encounter?  A large sign with serpent on top it that declares;

If I can convince you that the flood was not real, then I can convince you that heaven and hell are not real.

Not only that, if the serpent can convince you that creation is fiction and evolution is real, then he can get you to continue to question God’s Law till you have a world in which there is really no law except that you can be punished for honoring God and his law.  The militant humanists at heart are hard core leftists if not Marxists.  The love abortion (preborn baby murder) and the LGBTQ movement, for they love the fact that these very movements support sexual liberation regardless of the consequences of stealing a child’s innocence or breaking up family units if not destroying the concept of family altogether.  They love the ideal of big centralized government, especially at the federal level in which it (The State) becomes the carnal demigod that demands worship (Kneel before Zod…but I prefer to use Evox from Power Rangers instead).  To this day in Cuba, Fidel Castro remains a God, and in China so is Mao Zedong along with the current leader of China, Xi Jinping.  China however was always an anti-Christian authoritarian nation of some kind.  As for the concept of Socialist Marxism, it always has wiped out a thriving middle class forcing many into poverty and only making the elite more powerful and in spite of all their “head knowledge” are proven by God himself to be the true fools.

Let me repeat what that sign at the Ark Encounter said;

If I can convince you that the flood was not real, then I can convince you that heaven and hell are not real.

The serpent may have not said those words or in that way, but I don’t doubt he said something of that sentence regardless of the shape or form.  Long ago, a serpent did whisper into the ear of the very first woman on earth and convinced her to rebel against God, with promises that she would live forever and be like God.  Both turned out to be empty promises, but hey it got Adam to go along with the fall.

Humanists like the Marxists do their very best to get people off the eyes of God and focused only on this life and making it better.  While on the surface it sounds good, there is a dangerous omen when the likes of Karl Marx, the Frankfurt School and others developed a fascination with Lucifer aka Satan the Devil and his choice to rebel against not only God but his enduring law.  On top of that they want take the place of God themselves.  So much injustice is left in their wake, and what man can’t resolve, only God can.  That is why you have an eternal Hell which God permits.  He did not want humans to go there at all, but knows that is not meant to be.  It only takes one sin to be condemned.  The Humanist Left does not understand why God would permit a Hell.  I see so many unjustly things done by the Humanist Left and others like them...even Christians can commit evil.  When God forces you to bend the knee and declare that Jesus is Lord of All, it’s a passage through God’s brand of justice and once condemned sent away, God’s Justice has been established.  Jesus Christ died on a cross for all our sins, we just need to take the knee in this life and ask him to correct us.  If Hell ever got abolish, it would a dark day for true justice.

I did not think I would have written a long piece on this, but it’s really needed.  Now while Douglas Harris is passing on his faith of Humanism to his daughters, I can hope that they have at least some kind of childhood before they become adults and the next generation of John Deweys, Carl Sagans, Noam Chomskys, Saul Alinksys, Charles Darwins, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nyes, Margaret Sangers, Howard Zinns, Anne Nicol Gaylors (second to Sanger, she was a truly evil woman), and her decedents wanting to be the next Dan Barkers and Annie Laurie Gaylors.  Basically, magnifying the apostasy.   One Greta Thunberg is enough.

So Christian Parents…What Say You?  I told you how one parent on the other side is doing it.  I showed you how their children responded with a little help from dad.  Now you need to make sure they are not joining the likes of the Harris family.  A person like Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter can help, Kevin Swanson has his Christian Discipleship Curriculum to teach your children the Christian faith and pass it on, but you need to present that very Christian faith to them with all honesty and to be best of your ability.  Parents who call themselves Christians must do what they can to push back against the “spirit of the age.”  It would also be good to send prayers to Bailey and Elle allowing their minds to open for God to show the errors of their freethinker father and “friends.”

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