COVID-19 Thoughts Part 112: "Roe v. Wade," the movie of 2021 You MUST WATCH!!!

This one is going to be a long one, but I have a lot to say here and I really need to say it, cause the pro-aborts in entertainment, the news media, and then some want to make sure you NEVER watch this movie that really tells the story of how our highest court made abortion legal in America.

The 2021 movie about the 1973 SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruling regarding Roe v. Wade, is actually just the second movie that was ever made about the event and how it changed America forever.  The first one was a made for TV movie in 1989, focused on the Plaintiffs of the case played by Amy Madigan as Sarah Weddington, and Holly Hunter as Ellen Russell who is a fictional version of Norma McCorvey, who was given the famous Jane Roe legal pseudonym.  In fairness, we still did not know who Jane Roe really was at the time.  Madigan would win a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Miniseries or Television Movie and Hunter won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Special.  The movie also won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama/Comedy Special and was awarded to the movie’s producers; Michael Manheim, Gregory Hoblit, and Alison Cross, the later of the three was the sole writer of the movie or at least the only credited writer.

While this movie has been pretty much forgotten like many other made-for-TV movies in spite of a VCR video release; based on the awards given to the its lead actors (the Linda Coffey role in the case was downplayed as Annabella Price was not given a lead and/or supporting role in the 1989 movie) and producers; this movie portrayed Weddington and this faux McCorvery in a positive light and that abortion is a legal right for women and should be for the rest of time, not to mention that abortion is good for women.  Accept it and get over it kids.  Of course, the movie and television industry could not give a damn about anything sacred or the concept of morality in general (especially based in Judeo-Christian principles).  The thing that matters to them is money and power, and even if they do make movies that do lose money, the bottom line is that they want to help change America if not the world…or as one of their favorite Presidents of the United States would say; “Fundamental Transformation.”

Flash forward to 2021, and Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn (who both also produced and directed) wrote another story of the Roe v. Wade case, only this time from the side of Bernard Nathanson who is portrayed in the movie by Loeb.  Nathanson himself was Jewish but like many American Jews especially in New York City, Nathanson was Jewish in heritage but didn’t practice Judaism, nor did he believe in the God of Abraham.  Basically, he was an Atheist Jew…which is quite common these days.  He was on both sides of the issue of abortion, and likely felt that he was doing a great service for women, who did not want to become mothers for whatever reason (not personally ready, family reactions, whatever).

The movie begins with an interview that Nathanson as played by Loeb does with a reporter from the Washington Post.  When the reporter digs into Nathanson, that’s when Nathanson tells it all.  The bulk of movie takes a page from the long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother as Loeb narrates more to the audience than to the reporter (or in the case of IMYM, the kids).  Just like in the sitcom, certain scenes are literally frozen into a still pic as Loeb interjects and points out much needed corrections and truth about how Roe vs. Wade came to be and certain truths behind the lies regarding Sarah Weddington (played in this movie by Greer Grammer and is the daughter of Kelsey Grammer) and Linda Coffey (Justine Wachsberger), and how they got Norma McCorvey (played by Summer Joy Campbell) to sign on.  Of course McCorvey had her own lies, but eventually realized that she was nothing but a pawn to Weddington and Coffey. 

Meanwhile Nathanson is a partner (if not friends) with man named Lawrence “Larry” Lader (Jamie Kennedy).  Together they were among the founders of National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Law (aka NARAL and officially today called NARAL Pro-Choice America).  Lader was an expert in propaganda and used it to not only convince the masses and SCOUTS themselves that abortion should be legal, but attack those (especially the Roman Catholic Church) who would challenge the likes of Lader.  Meanwhile Nathanson was not looking for a fight, because according to the movie he honestly felt he was doing women and humanity a service by providing abortions. 

UK actress Lucy Davenport does a great job in portraying the skeptical feminist Betty Friedan who Lader was trying to push her into supporting abortion rights.  Meanwhile the SCOTUS judges especially Harry Blackmun were dealing with personal issues that could have put them in a negative light had they ruled in favor of Henry Wade (by the way a Democrat) and keeping abortion illegal.  We get to look into the house of Harry Blackmun as we see the biggest reason why he favored Roe.  The “psychopathic women” who were “thrashing” Henry “Within inches” of his life.  O.K, all apologies to U.K. open socialist and rock musician Roger Waters aside, truth be told that Harry’s girls (wife and daughters) were influential in him ruling the way he did.  Sally Blackmun was a volunteer at Planned Parenthood and ruled in favor of abortion because he wanted peace with his family.  Sally Blackmun would become a pro-abortion activist in real life.

One element the movie brings up that has been overlooked by both sides of the debate is that of a woman by the name of Mildred Fay Jefferson.  She was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, as well graduate in surgery from the same college, and the first woman to become a member of the Boston Legal Society.  She also opposed abortion most of her life and served as President of the National Right to Life Committee, and was able to change Ronald Reagan’s mind from supporting abortion to opposing abortion and the recognition that the unborn child has a God-Given right to life.  Nathanson’s turning point in his life was; thanks to part to ultrasound technology which helped him realized that he was not just removing a thing out of the womb, but a growing human being that needs the help of the mother to be able to live outside the womb.  The movie ends with where it begins…Natherson’s interview with the WaPost reporter, and his conversion to Roman Catholicism.   

The epilogue features a recreation of Margaret Sanger’s speech to women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan back in her heyday, and the fact that Sanger admits it in her autobiography; then a clip of the real life Lader from a 1981 interview in which he bashes Catholics and Evangelical Christians and the fact stated that Lader’s 1966 book on Abortion with the namesake title was sited seven times in the Roe v. Wade decision…no other legal historian was ever sited by the 1973 Supreme Court; the ABC News Nightline interview between Ted Koppel and Norma McCorvey which is first seen as recreation played by Tim Beasley and Campbell but transitions to the real clips of Koppel (well at least his voice) and McCorvey from 1995.  Last but not least we are reminded of the short movie featuring Natherson called The Silent Scream.  A much-needed movie that was produced in 1984 and while Natherson is no longer with us, the movie is still relevant today as this recent movie about Roe v. Wade.

Thanks to COVID-19, the movie was not really given a chance for a mass movie theater screening as Unplanned was.  Unplanned was about the life of Abby Johnson and based on her own book (also called Unplanned) about her journey into and out of Planned Parenthood.  The typical movies goers were able to give Unplanned a collective positive rating at both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.  Sadly, not a lot of love has been given to Roe v. Wade at Rotten Tomatoes.  While Unplanned is Rotten with a 42 precent from the movie critics, Roe v. Wade is given a Zero percent rotten.  What is worse is while Unplanned is given a 94 percent audience score, Roe v. Wade is given a 56 score with fewer people actually seeing the movie.  I think if this was shown in the cinema coupled with the same publicity Unplanned had…then the movie would have a better chance for a positive audience score.  

These professional critics are the same people who don’t have a problem with the French movie Cuties/Mignonnes, and just recently Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie its Certified Fresh status sticker, now that the controversy regarding that movie died down…the audience score however is at 16 percent making it rotten with common people…and thank goodness for that.  That Certified Fresh sticker does present an omen on how the entertainment industry views sex…even among underage children.  The same movie industry and its allies (including movie critics) give rave reviews about a movie that shows underage girls dancing provocatively (closeups and all), while dissing a movie that casts a bad light somewhat on the issue of abortion.  No wonder Hollywood tends to favor loose sexual morals for not only adults but sadly for children as well.

If you have seen Roe v. Wade, I would encourage you to try to get as many friends as you can to see the movie.  If its possible to have a screening at a theater or your church or whatever please make it happen and get the word out.  We may now have a chance to finally correct a wrong in which our highest court in the country was sacred to do due to political and family pressures.  Over 62 Million preborn since 1973 paid the price for this and compared to what…more pushing for the unraveling of sexual morality.  As long as people feel good…that is the only thing that matters to these pagans.  Oh, and I almost forgot.  Lader’s passion was about population control and he felt that abortion was one step closer to achieving his goals on the population control front.  In the end Lader would be called the "Father of the Abortion movement."

Ignore those who are critical of the 2021 Roe v. Wade movie.  Get a better understanding of this court decision and how it hurt a nation, and how the pro-abortion movement and mindset are desperate to keep preborn baby murder legal by any means…including demoralizing those who oppose them and their worldview.  It’s just simply an attack on not only innocence, but an attack on God. 

We can no longer afford to be intimidated as others before were.  These so-called Pro-Choicers were passionate to convince America that abortion would be beneficial.  In the end it only leads to the eventual death of the human race.  A goal that the devil himself would love to see become reality.

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