COVID-19 Thoughts Part 111: The Prodigal Son of Ronald & Nancy Reagan

Ronald Prescott Reagan or simply Ron Reagan (and back in the 1980’s he was Ron Reagan Jr.), has been the best spokesperson for the Freedom From Religion Foundation in recent years.  His ad declaring himself to be an “unabashed atheist” who is not afraid to “burn in hell” has been their most popular ad.  The ad has aired on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, and the CNN produced Democrat Debates last year.  A selected number of CBS affiliates aired the Ron Reagan ad while CBS themselves went with an alternative ad with Canadian-American cognitive psychologist, linguist and science author and Harvard Professor Steven Pinker instead during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  CBS may be supportive of Ron Reagan but likely don’t want the likes of Brent Bozell and his Media Research Center calling their bluff…and they are good at calling out the Democrat Party media.

Next week, the Ron Reagan/FFRF ad will appear during the airing of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS, and will air for two more weeks after that.  If you notice all of these shows, basically appeal to viewers are likely are to vote Democratic, claim to be progressive, support abortion and the LGBTQ agenda which in reality is the heart of the Free Love/Sexual Liberation agenda.  Based on the actions that Reagan has made, especially his support of Bernie Sanders in 2015, dare I say that many of these leftists are shameless and proud Marxists?  What, don’t like that…OK how about Maoists? Communists? Statists!?  I say all of the above.

As I said before, Ron Reagan likely has been a boom for FFRF cause the numbers of people support the organization has grown in recent years, and with a growing number of people who have left the Christian Church if not the faith itself, FFRF sees a harvest of people they can recruit into supporting their cause and giving the hard left progressive agenda a clear shot at winning and permanently controlling the zeitgeist.  Make no mistake, Reagan is a hard leftist and an enemy of true liberty and freedom, who claims that his father would not support Donald Trump and would agree with his son regarding being incompetent and traitorous.  Perhaps your father would agree with you on certain things like his lifestyle and his brash personality, but while your father was still alive Ron; he did remind us that the Ten Commandments were not the Ten Suggestions and he encouraged Christian Pastors to use their pulpits to challenge “hate groups” like the FFRF.  Yes punks, Ronald Wilson Reagan would call FFRF a true blue (no pun intended) hate group who is more interested in pushing sexual perversion (including abortion) on the whole fruited plan…not to mention allowing the Marxists in our country the clear shot to fundamentally transforming America.    

Ron Reagan is a proud prodigal son since he was 12 years old (by Ron’s own admission), and I finally decided to listen to the interview he gave to Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker who serve as co-presidents of FFRF.  Reagan was giving you the typical leftist clap trap on issues like embryonic stem cell research and denying the “right to refuse service” to people whose worldview conflict with their business and practices.  He compared this to a man who kept using drugs and the doctors and nurses were fed up with treating him.  The hospital ethicist apparently believes in the God given right to life, and as such, he made it clear that you let “God” or a higher power deal with his death. 

Sadly, Ron takes this and twists the concept of “right to refuse service” and “right to life” in order to make people like Jack Phillips, Aaron and Melissa Klein, Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin and anyone else who dare to say the single word called “No” to any client and/or customer into bigots.  Truth of the matter is that the LGBTQ/Rainbow Jahid is a modern group of brown shirts, and they would be more so if Ron Reagan and the FFRF has it their way.  Reagan told these people of faith loud and clear what they must do.  Bake the Cake, Take the wedding Photos, and honor them as homosexuals.  But it will not end there, for what they are seeking is more power.  Of course, all doctors would have to learn to perform abortions because that honors women and as FFRF continue to remind us…preborn baby murder is a blessing for women.  Let us be blunt for once regarding these harlots.

This fight is truly both political and spiritual.  I am convinced more than ever that the FFRF is front group for a much worse agenda that the MarxistMaoistCommunistProgressiveHumanist Left in America wants to push on us.  FFRF removes any mention of God from the public square, and the overall Left is able to make a clear and clean shot and successful kill to change and remake America in THEIR image.  An America in which centralized Government becomes God, and man becomes all powerful…and some will make to the top like Biden, Obama etc.  We shall be not just like God…WE WILL BE GOD!!!

Mr. Reagan, the Law of God is not built upon superstitions, but rather on common sense morals as well as health issues.  It was past humanist movements that ushered in superstitious beliefs like astrology and alchemy.  Today the humanists have their phony computer models taking the place of the ideals of the occult that more times than not are proven to be false, but scare enough people into giving up their liberties and freedoms to an all-powerful state who makes empty promises to take care of them.  The honest scientists like Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday believed in and feared God, and realized that they will never be as big as God. 

Ron Reagan is a dangerous man, and FFRF is a dangerous radical leftist front group.  While he claims that his crack about not being afraid to “burn in hell” was just to fill in the remining time in a 30 second ad…I also feel that it’s become a battle cry if not a declaration of war against the religionist aka person of faith.  They don’t want to repent and they don’t want to honor God at all….if given the chance they would try to kill God and take his place and allow their own sins to become a “Right."  If given the chance these pagans infidels would wound and kill the beliver as an attempt to take out God and challange his law.  They are more interested in committing their sins in which they feel it’s right and good in their eyes…as others might surfer for their evil.

The one thing I have learned in life is that you don't deny people their so called right to feel good.  Easy sex and having a gutter mouth both have their drug like highs...and have their dangers as the real mccoy.  Loving your neighbor and family is really challange when they do things that are a direct smack in God's face of fire. 

Telling children about Hell is not about child abuse if taught correctly and Biblically (The Law of God the Father & the Gospel of his son Jesus Christ).  God permits a Hell, because it’s for those who minds are full of pure evil and their hearts are corrupted to point that redemption is not possible, and for those who refuse to bow the knee before God and ask for mercy from his son.  For all the talk about social justice from the progressive Marxist left, they intentionally forget that God himself is also a God of Justice.  Sending those who reject Christ to Hell like Ron Reagan (eventually) establishes Justice for all sins the Prodigal son of Ronald & Nancy Reagan committed.

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