COVID-19 Thoughts Part 100: February 2021 Random Thoughts

For Part 100 of the COVID-19 Thoughts series (I shall continue to use the headline COVID-19 Thoughts until the economy fully opens and this pandemic is declared over), I shall do a random thoughts piece. 

Note: I finished this piece before the passing of Rush Limbaugh and I plan on writing my own piece about Rush very soon.

As expected, Gina Carano was let go from Disney for her statement regarding the cancel culture coupled with history.  Contrary to what others might say, there was nothing anti-sematic about what she said.  What Carano did say is that the German people THEMSELVES turned on their next-door neighbors and took the law into their hands before handing their neighbors off to the Nazi soldiers.  Carano’s statement was anything but anti-Semitic.  Pedro Pascal apparently tried to “save her” from losing her acting role on The Mandalorian (Pascal plays the title role), was reported to say something similar to what Carano said.  Since Pascal is a progressive in his worldview, he is able to speak out as long as he likes. 

Either way, Carano’s fallout with Disney goes to show that conservatives need to and MUST build a counter economy and give Big Business not only a run for the money, but to stand firm against the Marxist forces that have intimidated the global corporations.  The Daily Wire has hired Carano for their next movie project, and if you chose to cancel Disney+ over Carano, then take your money to The Daily Wire as they expand beyond being just a conservative news outlet. 

The Daily Wire has done a great job with the movie Run Hide Fight (Warning: The movie is rated TV-MA for adult language and content, Graphic Violence, and Nudity) which presents a fictional high school hostage/shooting situation but based on similar situations that took place in the real world.  The critical elite are thumbing it down, while the audience have given it a very score (93% according to Rotten Tomatoes, 9.1 according to Mediacritic).  With the likes of RT and Metacritic you can see the great divide between the professional critics and the common movie goer. 

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert worked on TV, only because of how they bounced off each other and not just because they worked for rival newspapers in Chicago.  Sadly, like Siskel & Ebert they would thumb up movies that nudge the culture in their “pagan” progressive ways.  Nothing has changed since the passing of them both.  Lest we forget the recent French movie Cuties/Mignonnes, and how the elite critics had no problem watching pre-teen girls embracing their sexuality too early through popular Hip-Hop dance.  The movie critics may never be able to vote for the Oscars (aka The Academy Awards), but yet they have the back of the movie industry when it comes to pushing the movies that they want you see, whether you like it not…coupled with certain personalities that work in movie business, regardless if they are actors, directors, producers etc.  They really expect you to watch their movies while they hate your values.

Media conglomerate Nexstar Media Group who owns WGN America which they acquired as part of the buyout of Tribune Media in 2019, will be converting the long running cable channel into a 24/7 news operation called NewsNation.  The NewsNation brand and program has been in effect since September of last year.  This was started just a few weeks early in September of last year before the first anniversary of the Tribune buyout.  Ad Fontes Media, a Denver based watchdog organization focused on media bias, has placed NewsNation right smackdab in the middle of their bias spectrum and claim that the news program is focused on “Fact Reporting” according to their vertical “News Value and Reliability” scale.  It seems that NewsNation is attempting to take cable/satellite news back to its roots of being focused on reporting the news and trying their best to be fair and objective.  I actually welcome NewsNation to the fight, and now with a Biden-Harris Administration, can CNN and MSNBC do their best to “protect the castle” sort of speak?  Well CNN must have done a great job regarding Bill Clinton before they doubled down and became an MSNBC wannabe outlet.  The WGN brand will live on as Chicago’s local television station and AM radio station…also the new flagship outlets of Nexstar Media.  Both WGN stations are rich full of heritage and I am sure Nexstar will do a great job, just as Tribune did through most of the 20th Century.

Former President Donald J. Trump just spoke out against Mitch McConnell and his doubled minded actions regarding his second impeachment.  Well Mr. President (he will forever hold that title, just like the others that came before and after), that is what you can do regarding someone that can pull off cons, and McConnell is good at doing that and benefiting himself.  With that mind, a recent Gallup Poll is showing greater support for a third party, and its only going to grow.  We can talk about revising and/or changing the 12th Amendment of our Constitution, and we do need that debate.  Regardless, we do need a fresh new political party to actually REPLACE the Republican Party, or if we can change the 12th Amendment, we can encourage other political parties to compete in Washington on both sides of the political spectrum. In the blue state of Colorado, while the Democrats dominate the voter rolls, there are more independent/non-affiliated voters than they are Republican voters.  This is going to be important in the future, as the Republican Party is truly a tainted party and a party of the elite rich.  Of course, the Democrats are themselves a party of the rich elite too, but they know how to bribe people into voting for them…especially if that bribe comes in the form of enough money for these people to live comfortably in spite of any dysfunction and/or shortcomings they have.  Lest we forget about how the Democratic Party has the back of our major media…both in News and Entertainment.

Once again America you need to be reminded that you are not going to mock God and get away with it, and we all reap what we sow (Galatians 6:7).

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