COVID-19: How Many More Vaccines Will we Need?

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  • 01/10/2022
No matter which part of the political spectrum people follow, there is a universal question that almost everyone has… how many more coronavirus vaccine booster shots will we need? Even people who are willing to get a shot whenever the government tells them to are wondering what the magical number is. The only conclusion after, reading about all the science, and listening to doctors, including my own, is no one really knows, and that is a fact.

Israel has just approved a 4th vaccine dose to be administered to those who are most vulnerable to COVID, anyone with a compromised immune system, or underlying comorbidities. That all sounds well and good, until you think about how we got to where the world is now concerning coronavirus vaccines. First, we were told that getting vaccinated meant you were 100% protected, and that getting the shot was a personal choice. That quickly turned into mask mandates, because the vaccines weren’t proven yet, and then certain segments of the population (by employer or the government) were forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.  

Now, we have the first dose(s) coupled with having booster shots, which are designed to add to, and increase/prolong the effectiveness of the first main vaccine. We have entered a phase in the pandemic that is seeing experts say we all need a 3rd or even possible 4th dose, so where does it all end? As I said before no one really knows and that is the kicker, the vaccines got approved so fast questions have been raised as to whether there was sufficient time to test and research them.

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Source: Newslooks
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