Bloodbaths: From Riots to Mass-Killings

We’ve been pretty fortunate: A mass-shooting hasn’t occurred where both police and rioters were killed.

Is This The New Goal?

Does the Federal Government, along with select state and local regimes, want this to happen?

Think about it: Do people who loot, vandalize, start fires seem like a mentally sound group? They love destruction. Would it be that far off to say these individuals have led a violent life? Or did they simply wake-up one morning and decide to raid Foot Locker in the evening?

Not very likely. And if you are spending your nights involved in the local riots, would it not be hard to keep a job? Or do you just call in sick on plundering and pillaging days?

There isn’t hard polling data on the percentage of looters who “own” a gun. One would guess the more an individual gets involved in this line of work, the greater the likelihood of guns.

What about the business owners being impacted? At some point, they will feel a gun is necessary for their own safety. The safety of their dream: Their business. These individuals come in all shapes and sizes. Can you not see one or more of these people being a keg of dynamite on the verge of explosion?

How about the average citizens who are so tired of the “hands-off approach” consistently being given to the rioters? Seemingly, there are so many “groups” ready to snap – vigilante style. 

People are being pushed to their breaking-point because our governments simply are not doing enough. Or is this on-purpose? What do they think the end result will be?

Oh, What A Liberal Dream It Could Be: 
A white male wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt squeezes the trigger.
He kills more blacks than whites.
Member of the N.R.A.
Once dreamed of being a police officer, after his four years in the Army.
Bought the “assault rifle” legally!

This Would Allow Lefties To:
Attack the 2nd Amendment with more rules and regulations
Point the finger at ALL Trump supporters being RACIST
Request immediate psychological exams on all cops
Require more Federal Government involvement in policing
Blame all rioting on white males

No stone would be left unturned to gain more government control.
Manna From Heaven! 

And if the shooter was an Islamic Terrorist? Or a black man?
It would be the oppression they have suffered at the hands of whitey…
(But they would still push gun control with emphasis placed on White Privilege.) 

Unless the governments want a horrific tragedy, why else would they allow riots?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

So tell me again why rioting is still allowed?

Author’s Note: I am NOT a Trumper-For-Life, and we don’t need to love him. But to save the America we once knew, there has to be a new movement within the Republican Party backed by Trump:
It’s All Bullsh*t: We Only Have One Bullet Left…TRUMP.

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