Biden's DOJ Issues Cherry-Picked Report Claiming Phoenix Police Department is Racist and Violates Rights

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a 126-page report on Thursday claiming that it found probable cause after a three-year investigation that the Phoenix Police Department (PPD) violated the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments when dealing with the public.

The investigation began in August 2021, alleging five problem areas. The DOJ accused PPD of using excessive force, discriminating against nonwhites, treating homeless people unlawfully, violating the First Amendment, and discriminating against the mentally ill.

But a longtime PPD officer told The Arizona Sun Times that “the report was full of inconsistencies and fabrications.” He said any of the incidents they list can easily be debunked. He said it was outrageous that Phoenix Chief of Police Michael Sullivan doesn’t defend PPD and call the DOJ out for it’s “bull***** investigation,” instead he provides “spineless fluff.”

He noted that the DOJ’s report last year on the police department in Louisville, Kentucky, was very similarly written. He told The Sun Times he suspects the DOJ has a template that they use to target police departments “city by city.”

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