Below Ground and Beneath Contempt

What is a political party to do if their candidate can't be trusted in the light of day? Unless your Punxsutawney Phil or Dracula the odds are you must appear in the daylight to win. Why is it then that Joe Biden is running a US presidential campaign from his basement?

Biden has been sequestered for the better part of five months in his home's basement from which he has made what seems to be an endless series of gaffes and misstatements.

From telling the world he would "beat" Joe Biden in November to telling the black host of 'The Breakfast Club,' "If you got a problem figuring out whether you're for me or for Trump then you ain't Black," it seems Biden and his senses have been permanently separated.

Now we are being spoon-fed castor oil reports that this 77-year-old former senator, vice-president, and rhetorical clown is more than ten percentage points ahead of President Trump in polling about who will win this November's election.

Let me see if I have this straight, a man who didn't know the difference between his wife and sister while introducing them at a rally is the presumptive winner of an election still more than three months away? Someone should warn Madame President Hillary Clinton. Wait Clinton didn't win, that was Donald Trump.

Today, despite the best efforts of liberals, Democrats, and the press, the year is 2020, not 2016. The remarkable conglomeration of progressive elitists running the Biden campaign are doing so as though it were 2016 again. Four years ago these fonts of wisdom told us Clinton was a shoe-in, and they produced polls suggesting she had a double-digit lead. Again, Clinton did not win, she lost.

A Biden victory this November will be in the same forms as Clinton's 2016 triumph. Imaginary and delusional. These may be the only two states Biden actually carries. Thankfully, those are states with which Biden is all too familiar and ones that he appears to share with his champions in the press.

The real question is whether Biden can conduct a campaign without sticking his head out above ground? The answer is yes, because he must.

What has become clear over the last year as shown in every debate, interview, and speech is that Biden and his mind have parted ways, permanently. His team has so tightened the reigns on him that at one of his recent public appearances he told reporters more than once he had to "go" or "I am going to get into trouble." Who does he think he's in trouble with, his mother?

Lingering on stage after having answered softballs tossed to him by a compliant and supportive press should represent little risk. This would be the case if Biden weren't equipped with Joe Biden's mouth. It's clear his mind and mouth are no longer meaningfully connected. His statement about getting into "trouble" was an admission that even he doesn't trust himself.

Unlike Biden, Trump trusts his mouth-brain connection. Trump fears Biden about as much as he does the press. No sane person who has heard either man speak in the last year could conclude Biden is a match for Trump, unless that match is to ignite a Trump re-election victory.

Any debate would be a minefield for Biden. Between his lack of recall, and outright dementia this public implosion would be the end of the Left's fevered dreams of a November victory.

What Biden can't do, even in the era of COVID-19 repression, is fashion a political victory out of nothingness. Don't be dismayed by false polls, or by pundits who tout Biden's credentials, these are falsities promulgated on behalf of a man who is the definition of an "empty suit".

Look at the man Biden is, what he seeks to represent, and how frail and lost he often seems. Compare Biden's litany of weaknesses with the vitality and vigor of Trump and you know Biden can't win. Look at Trump's growing list of accomplishments and at the absence of anything of substance in Biden's ledger and you can see a clear and decisive Trump victory this fall.

A presidential candidate who isn't seen in the bright light of day, who is sequestered from the public to protect him from himself, and is tethered to a party run by its most frenetic, hysterical, and extremist elements can't win.

From his basement television Biden can stream his campaign, "Clinton 2016 - The Sequel". The box office results for this disaster epic will be the same.

The 2020 campaign will end for Biden as it began, below ground and beneath contempt.
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