August 2021 Random Thoughts

Another Olympic Games has come and gone, and I shall make one prediction regarding Paris.  Hope I am wrong on this one, but my gut thinks it could be right if certain trends go the way that I think they will.  As with Tokyo, their will be no spectators allowed at the Paris games.  This COVID-19 and its variants has given the global statists the empowerment that they need to restrict freedom and liberty of people.  Just watch it on TV, and we shall provide watch parties and satellite uplinks for the families close to these athletes…maybe they can only go if they are lucky, but only family…or not…we shall see.  Made for TV, indeed…” sad, so sad” sang Elton John, but the words came from Bernie Taupin…who still writes most of EJ’s lyrics.

Just remember people, that we are the problem and if given the chance; the Marxist demi-gods will sterilize, and commit genocide so that we reach the perfect number of people that are allowed to live on Earth.    Its not about the greater good, but rather the demi-god staying in power and the need to impose a never-ending fear as an attempt to prevent an uprising of the common people he (or she) rules over with an iron fist.  The fools will not take heed of Proverbs 14:28 in the Holy Bible.  A Castro, Chavez, Mao, Nero, Xi, may enjoy the rewards of being a dictator, but someone down the line is going to get it in the neck.  

Last time I tried be fair to Simone Biles, but I did share concerns raised by Steve Deace and Matt Walsh and how the media might handle Biles.  My concern that I shared with Deace and Walsh is that America might be showing its weakness.  Well, Biles eventually was ready to go on the Balance Beam.  She got a Bronze out of it.  Well, I think for the time being, I would hope she would reflect on the Tokyo Olympics, and ask herself…should really do it one more time?  Or should I retire…give someone else a chance…just as I did in Tokyo? has brought up another question I did not think of in my last piece.  What if the COVID-19 vaccinations messed with Biles’ mind along with her body?  That question may never be answered sadly.  If it ever came that the vaxx was truly the culprit regarding Biles, they I say we should back off the young lady.  Also Biles lost her aunt during the games. 

Now to those who say we wanted Biles to fail, we had no reason to root against her….until now.  That in a moment.   Proof that we did not want someone to fail over their color of skin was in Women’s Wrestling (and I mean REAL Wrestling).   Tamyra Mensah-Stock (and a young African-American woman) won her Gold Medal in her weight class match, and her love of America was on display for all to see and hear.  Our problem was with a white girl who love the faux hair color of pink…and plays football (not the rugby or gridiron kind). 

This just in, Simone Biles has officially said that she is Pro-Abortion.  Basically, she simply says that the Foster Care system (that she herself was in) should not be given honest reform…and just allow the abortion ghouls continue to snuff more candles, and play God with the preborn…who God himself created in his image.  This is a human kind of foreclosure.  You know what?  We should throw Simone Biles to the likes of Matt Walsh and Steve Deace after all…this guy…Donald Nicholas McCullen has just lost ALL respect for Simone Biles.  Please retire now Ms. Biles…and no you are not misunderstood.  If you really want to help people like yourself, you support good Foster Care reform and adoption and recognize that we all have a God given right to life.  Now I want to Biles to fail from this point on.

If the race for the gold medals was played like the UK game show The Chase (with an American version just as popular), then the Americans as a collective were the chasers and before time ran out…we caught China and denied them their glory…more/less.  But this is real life, and we have people in our government that love and admire Xi Jinping…especially Biden and his administration.  There will be many rematches and eventually China wins.  Why?  Because of people who have a sick love affair with authoritarians.

The crack down in Cuba is on, with over 1,000 arrests and/disappearances.  It should be no surprise that the Biden Administration wants to close our borders to Cuba refugees but open the doors to everyone else.  Those pesky Cubans might disrupt our progress towards making America into another Marxist nation.  But these other illegals…they were taken care of by our comrades from wherever they came from…they will be the useful idiots to buy votes from.

The National Education Association (NEA) have found an individual arch enemy and they want to sue the pants off her.  Her name is Nicole Solas, a parent who resides in Rhode Island (RI) who is looking out for the interests of her daughter who is entering Kindergarten.  The local RI chapters of the NEA; The National Education Association Rhode Island (NEARI) and NEA South Kingstown (NEASK) have filed lawsuits against Solas.  All because she wanted to see wanted to see what was being taught at her local schools.  Their hope is that they can intimidate and bully her and serve her up as a warning to other parents who would challenge the might and enlightenment of public-school teachers.  They are committed to pushing Critical Race Theory and the pushing of Transgenderism and the eventual abolishment of gender.  If America falls, its only because of the parents who continue to send their children to public schools and believing that the teachers have their best interests at heart.  This is now coming to a head.

Finally, Conservatives have been critical of the likes of the American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League for being leftist front while claiming to fight for civil rights.  The time has come however for more Conservatives to speak out against the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and other Church/State Separation groups (like Americans United or AU), who basically are pushing for a Marxist America while trying to abolishing any common sense moral scruples.  While I can’t declare that the FFRF is a Marxist front group as fact, their actions should prove otherwise.  Sadly, with most progressives running the media, the FFRF will be seen as a group of people who don’t believe in God who just want to be treated equally…but in reality, they want to be more equal than others. 

Looking at the people who rejected faith and especially that the group admires…many of these were hard core Marxists if not flat out authoritarians.  Looking at the ‘names section’ of their Freethought of the Day files (open for anyone to see).  Some of the names include Saul Alinsky, Che Guevara, Karl Marx himself (no surprise), Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and let us not forget their favorite Margaret Sanger who was a self-proclaimed Marxist-Anarchist; and then you tell me that you love our country and our Constitution.  No, you are using our Constitution to destroy freedom while claiming that the Freethinkers support Freedom…they don’t unless of course its about supporting Free Love, and destroying the nuclear family and allowing women to murder their preborn…but in the long run they would force women to abort in the name of saving the planet.  The only way FFRF can push back against those who oppose their long-term goals is to lump them with the Christian Nationalist movement.  The common-sense people who push back against FFRF are anything but Christian Nationalist.  FFRF however hopes that gets enough people to come over to their side of the American cold culture civil war as they polarize their enemies.  American needs Jesus Christ as much as the rest of the world.  I oppose a state church, but the FFRF oppose common sense morality.

The FFRF vocally supports not only abortion and the LGBTQ (including the Equality Act), but they vocally support HR 1 and other election reforms which will only allow the progressives and the Democratic Party at large to cheat, and ballot harvest and stifle the conservative movement at the ballot box.  They also support stacking the courts with more justices so that the left can dominate and making it impossible to push back against the wickedness of the progressive…including any attempts to re-criminalize abortion and reclaim the right to life for the preborn child.  The FFRF would take us back to the days when governments exploited the poor and the weak, murdered children and those who did not fit with their zeitgeist…but most importantly we can live by the laws of the jungle, and treat the sex act as if it was like eating and drinking…and not the sacred act that God intended to be, between one man and one woman for life.  Christianity actually put a stop to many of these wicked acts and one “non” by the name of Tom Holland admits that Christianity actually raised the weak, the poor, and even women up, not a community built on PaganHumanistAuthoritarian ideals.  By the way, co-founder Anne Nicol Gaylor declared abortion to be a blessing for women and society.  That is why ideals of Faith must be put out to pasture, in order for people to accept preborn baby murder and then some.  

Lovers of Liberty and Freedom, the FFRF needs to be put on notice just as the ADF, the SPLC and grand old ACLU.  If not, then you will get not only a taste of what hard core PaganCommunistMarxism is really like, but rather the main course force fed every day, and learning to love it.

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