Arizona GOP Tipsheet Founder and Editor Frosty Taylor Passes Away at Age 86

Frosty Taylor, founder and editor of Arizona’s GOP tipsheet known as Republican Briefs, died in early November at age 86. The retired journalist dutifully updated the site, referred to as “Briefs” by insiders, almost every morning, even on weekends, up until August. John Strasser, who assisted her with the technical aspects of the site, took over for her in August, and posted a remembrance page that included statements from Republican activists who knew her well.

Taylor’s last post on the site was on September 11, which simply stated, “My husband of 68 years is the best caretaker possible.”

Taylor dug deeply into controversial topics such as infighting within the GOP. However, she always allowed commentary from both sides, and so her tipsheet was frequently full of Republican Party activists arguing back and forth, limited to 300 words, with debates on local issues that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Many readers tuned in for the epic sparring between contributors, who included plenty of regular grassroots activists, not just politicians.

Taylor made headlines at The Arizona Republic in January 2021 after a reader submitted a comment that was posted calling to hang the Maricopa County Supervisors. Taylor removed the comment after it was brought to her attention.

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