Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward’s Husband Michael Ward Permanently Suspended from Twitter for ‘Multiple, Severe Violations’

Twitter suspended Michael Ward, the husband of Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward Wednesday morning for “multiple, severe violations,” according to his wife. She tweeted, “Weird. He’s not a terrorist or a tyrant. He’s a doctor, dad, & veteran. That must be it!”

Michael Ward told The Arizona Sun Times, “I want to know whether they’re targeting me because I opposed COVID-19 restrictions, or because I am a conservative physician, or because I’m a retired colonel who opposes the Biden administration.” He believes he was probably singled out because of who he’s married to. He said Twitter first suspended him on Jan. 7, 2021, his first account, @JimmyTheMole01, because he retweeted former President Donald Trump after the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol. He was never given a warning, temporary suspension, or second chance when he tried to appeal, the account was permanently banned.

He already had a second account, @AtlasAllianceAZ; he didn’t start a new one, which would violate Twitter’s rules, and so he continued using that one. He doesn’t tweet very much and most of his tweets are merely retweets. However, Twitter again permanently banned him a few days ago, again with no explanation or response to his appeal. He said he just wants to be treated fairly, and the way Twitter went about it compared to others was clearly not.

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