Arizona Freedom Caucus Calls for Removal of ‘Racist’ Scottsdale School District Superintendent Who Still Hasn’t Been Fired

All three Scottsdale legislators last month called for the termination of Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Superintendent Scott Menzel after “racist” comments he made about white people in 2019 were reported in the media. Since no action has been taken, the Arizona Freedom Caucus (AFC) held a press conference last Thursday demanding the school board fire him.

Representative Joseph Chaplik - LD 23
Photo “Joseph Chaplik” by Joseph Chaplik.

State Sen. Joseph Chaplik (R-Scottsdale), said, “Superintendent Menzel has chosen to publicly conduct himself in such an unbecoming manner that a critical mass of parents in the district do not have confidence in his ability to be responsible and effectively lead our children.”

Menzel, who is white, made numerous derogatory comments about white people during an interview, including stating that they have “problematic racial identity.” He said he has the “burden and obligation” to dismantle the system for those who do not benefit from it. Menzel endorsed White Fragility, which claims white people are the beneficiaries of systemic racism, and discussed “white male privilege.” A writer for the Arizona Progress & Gazette said “his words during this interview seem to come straight from a CRT textbook.”

Menzel denied making the statements later. “I didn’t say anything ‘hateful’ about any group of people,” he said.” “I also did not say that ‘white people are problematic.’”

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