Arizona AG Kris Mayes and Other Democratic AGs File Amicus Brief Supporting Government’s Ability to Pressure Social Media Companies

Congress and First Amendment supporters have condemned the Twitter Files recently after it came out that government agencies colluded with social media companies to censor information on controversial topics that went against the government’s position. A federal judge in July barred the federal government from communicating with social media companies after two Republican attorneys general sued, but now some Democratic attorneys general, including Arizona’s Kris Mayes, are joining the lawsuit in support of the government.

The litigation arose from a lawsuit the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general filed alleging collusion between the government and social media companies.

Mayes, along with 20 other attorneys general, filed an amicus curiae brief led by New York Attorney General Letitia James on July 28, defending the collaboration as responding to “the dangers that the spread of harmful content on social media platforms may pose to public health and safety.”

The brief specifically listed “election integrity” as a topic that is one of the “matters within the unique expertise of state governments.” It described “election misinformation” as part of “the proliferation of harmful content.”

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