Arizona AG Candidate Abraham Hamadeh Calls for Opponent to Fire PR Consultant over Profanity-Laden Tweets Blasting Whites and Police

Abe Hamadeh, the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate running for Arizona attorney general against Kris Mayes, called on Mayes to fire Stacey Champion who is a PR consultant for the Democratic candidate.

Champion over the past couple of years tweeted profanity-laden insults regarding white people and law enforcement numerous times.

In a statement released on his website, Hamadeh said on Wednesday, “Once again, Kris Mayes has shown her true colors as an ‘Activist General’ who is deeply out of touch with Arizonans. Ms. Stacey Champion’s reputation as an anti-police advocate is well established and Kris Mayes has been aware of her past activism and radical beliefs, such as one of her tweets stating that ‘law enforcement = killing black folks.’ The fact that Kris still decided to hire her for a key role with the campaign speaks volumes about her lack of judgment and her allegiances to the radical left.

Hamadeh, the son of Syrian immigrants, continued, saying, “Sadly, Ms. Champion, who has been paid thousands of dollars by the campaign for her consulting services, has shown no remorse for her statements and tried to mislead voters about her role with the campaign. Kris must fire her immediately. Arizonans deserve an Attorney General that will work with our brave police officers to protect our communities and unlike my opponent, I’m proud to be endorsed by law enforcement in this race.”

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