An Epidemic of Gender Dysphoria

During her confirmation hearing last year, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to provide the definition of “woman.” It was a reasonable request, given the mountain of LGBTQ lawsuits working their way through our courts. But Judge Jackson seemed confused by the request, and argued that she’s “not a biologist.” Her response might easily have been dismissed as the kind of cagey doubletalk lawyers often use. But she’s not the only Democrat who appears befuddled by something the rest of us learned early in life.

Scores of other Democrats also seem confounded by the simple question: “What is a woman?”

But a panel of young women recently offered some encouragement, suggesting that those Democrats may not be as witless as they appear. Asked that same question, the panel members first stumbled and stammered, but eventually admitted they knew the answer all along. They just didn’t want to offend the trans community. Instead of responding with the simple truth, they decided to kowtow to an infinitesimally small, but irritatingly loud minority. We can surmise that all those Democrats are not so ignorant after all. Their boundless tolerance and self-imposed delusions just make them look that way.

In fact, they all learned a long time ago that men and women are genetically different, and that the two genders have complementary roles in procreation and propagating the human race.
Transgender surgery is not new. In America, long before Caitlyn Jenner, there was Christine Jorgensen. And even before that, European surgeons had learned to simulate gender changes, often convincingly, through surgery and hormone treatments.

But transgender surgery doesn’t actually transform anyone’s gender. Medical science hasn’t yet figured out how to reverse the genetic differences between men and women or to transform the internal organs of the human reproduction system. The life-altering surgery that trans patients undergo can allow them to assume the role of the opposite gender, and many patients are emotionally fulfilled by the procedure. But an increasing number of transgender people, especially younger ones, are quickly realizing that the procedure was a catastrophic mistake.

It was back in the early 1950s that George William Jorgensen, transitioned to Christine Jorgensen. At that time, very few saw him as a trailblazer. Many ridiculed him. The public at large, though, saw him as an oddity, and he was able to support himself by capitalizing on the resulting fame. Some in the trans community are trying to do the same thing today. 

What medical science made possible society is now making acceptable. High-profile celebrities, TikTok, the internet, woke warriors, and Democrats like Justice Jackson and Joe Biden, have launched a propaganda campaign. As a result, what’s been labeled as “gender dysphoria” is becoming epidemic. With everything working for them, many in the LGBTQ community have become emboldened and more aggressive. They’re no longer satisfied with tolerance. Today they want their various lifestyles to become normalized, even celebrated, demanding that everyone must embrace their behavior, their delusions, and those absurd pronouns.

Just a few years ago, they re-defined marriage. Now they’re pushing to re-define terms like gender and even pedophilia.

Yes, now they’re targeting school children. Teachers have become self-appointed psychiatrists, pressing young students to consider gender transition at the slightest hint of an emotional problem, often without parental consent or knowledge.

Today, Americans don’t really care about an adult’s sexual orientation. They don’t care what clothes they wear, or which body parts they choose to remove or surgically construct if it makes them feel better. But most Americans don’t want to be a part of it or to celebrate it. And they’re outraged at efforts to draw their young children into it.

If we continue allowing a handful of vocal hedonists to dominate our society and set the rules, we’ll wind up with a whole generation of confused neurotics. We will evolve into a chaotic morass without a moral compass, and devoid of reason and common sense. And our courts will be overwhelmed with endless legal battles defending those things we’ve always cherished, like freedom of religion and the right to privacy. If they get to the Supreme Court, we already know how one justice will vote.

The Judeo-Christian principles upon which our country was founded teach us to be tolerant and compassionate, but they don’t tell us to abandon common sense. If we hope to change this corrosive course, we have to start by acknowledging a simple fact: The human species populated the world and created a civilization, for better or worse, through the union of man and woman.

That was no accident. It was by design.
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