Allie Beth Stuckey's twitter storm magnifies my cause to speaking against Marxist/Maoist atheists...and thanks to Daily Wire and CCB

For the record, this piece was written before Bob Saget’s untimely death this week.  My heart goes out to Candance Cameron Bure and her TV family regarding the loss of their colleague.  I am glad that Bure and Saget continued to be friends if not a father and daughter of sorts…even if Saget and Blure just played that on TV respectfully.  Anyone who disagrees on many things, but can stay friends if not continue to be family of sorts, truly is a great thing.

Allie Beth Stuckey made comments on her Twitter and Instagram social media pages, and caught the attention of actress Candace Cameron Bure, and she told Stuckey via Instagram that she apparently agreed with everything that Stuckey said with three clapping hands emojis.  I say that Bure agreed with EVERYTHING that Stuckey said.  This also caught the attention of The Daily Wire and Amanda Harding brought it to the attention of its readers. 

Harding reprinted Stuckey’s statements, and guess what kids?  Yours truly is going to reprint it as well, because one thing I am going to do whenever possible, is point out that the militant freethinkers, atheists etc, are not the advocates of freedom that they claim to be.  They are collectivists, militant group thinkers, always loyal to the centralized state (not to mention the spirit of the age) and its needs regardless if it really needs them or not, and the motto that “Freedom depends of Freethinkers” is a flat-out myth if not a downright lie. 

Many freethinkers so-called are not conservative…there may be some and exceptions to rule but most of them who wear their freethought on a sleeve are hands down radical leftist progressives if not flat-out Marxists and/or Maoists and/or overall Communists.  Marx claimed atheism but was fond of the devil himself, loved the chaos and destruction the devil himself promotes, and declared in his own writings that his soul is bound for Hell.

Well Ron Reagan who rebelled against his father declared himself to be an unabashed and lifelong atheist who is “not afraid to burn in hell.”  He may be nave but he knows who he is and what he wants.  The young Reagan is a proud leftist radical who would not mind living in an America that is similar to China, Cuba, or even the former Soviet Union…the current incarnation of Russia even.  They love women who are sexually liberated and allowing of their preborn to be murdered in the wombs.  They love the sexual perversion that is allowed to become public displays of affection.  These are their biggest feel-good drugs, coupled with their marijuana and alcohol, but even if they don’t do the latter two…the push for sexual liberation is good enough for them.  Even at the expense of hurting and exploiting children…but don’t give a darn about that…only the pleasure of the wicked adults matter.

Sadly, the biggest faith group that is growing in America is the non-religious and the FFRF and AU types want to evangelize these very young people.  If successful, it only means that their vision for America will eventually come true, and in the long run it will not do anyone good.  The militant feminists might want to have it all, but if they continue to appease the transgenders, it only means that men must dress and mutilate themselves in order to take back the power as men…by posing as women.  The real goal however is to abolish gender altogether and mock God’s creation of male and female.  Look at the FFRF’s news releases on their website…and look at what they want.  They want abortion on demand (their co-founder Anne Nicol Gaylor called preborn baby murder a blessing and that is carried on by her daughter Annie Laurie and her husband Dan Barker), LGBTQ Rights, and mandatory vaccinations regardless of those who are likely to get hurt by them…breaking eggs to make that omelet.  No different than Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest.  If you truly understood Margret Sanger’s worldview and who she really was as a person, you would realize that the Gaylor’s biggest idol was not a good person…but rather a very evil woman, just as the Gaylors themselves are now.  This is why we need to push back against these atheist hate groups now, yesterday, and from this moment on.  The consequences will be dire should they claim victory in fundamentally transforming America into what they envision.

Now let us get back to what Allie Beth Stuckey said in her twitter storm.

The idea that the biggest threat to democracy comes from the right is nothing more than projection. With all the institutional power in the world, leftism consistently seeks to limit free speech, religious liberty, the right to self-defense, medical freedom, & so much more.

Take a gander at the world right now and see where people’s rights to work, travel, and move freely are being trampled on. See where parental rights & the rights to free speech & worship are being constrained. Are these right-wing nations? No. They are “progressive.”

In a nation where a girl is praised for cutting off her breasts & calling herself a boy, & a man can become the “first woman” to do xyz because he now goes by Sally, but a person who won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding has his life ruined, our biggest problem ain’t conservatism.

We have been warned by intellectuals for decades that the Christian nationalist fascist state is imminent. Not only has it never come close to fruition, but we have become far more secular, & our views have become more liberal over the years, especially over the last 10.

As we’ve polarized, the left has moved much farther to the left on every issue than the right has moved to the right. In fact, on gay marriage & immigration, Republicans have moved to the left.

And as the left, and the country in general, has moved further to the left, they’ve become extremely intolerant of others’ views. This study shows how overwhelmingly more tolerant of people’s opposing political opinions Republicans are than Democrats.

94% of a Republicans saying they’d be friends with someone who voted for the opposing candidate, vs 64% of Democrats, doesn’t exactly support the idea that Republicans are the ones intent on conforming others to their views.
Are there conservatives & professing Christians who want to implement a Christian theocracy? Sure, even though there is no Biblical directive to do so. But more likely is that Christians, just like secular progressives, think their value system is a good basis for society.

Every law speaks to a worldview. The question is, which one? Nothing is neutral. Christianity has offered a foundation for laws in the West that have, over time, accomplished more freedom & flourishing than any system in history. Secularism has a much more oppressive track record.

So, if you’re scared for the future of democracy, look at those in power actually taking away people’s freedoms. If the only “freedom” you care about is the right to kill a child, and the limitation of that freedom is what you consider authoritarian, then evaluate your worldview.

Last year, Dennis Prager warned his readers and/or radio audience that a more secular America means an America that is less free.  Sadly, Stuckey’s rivals are not going to take heed of her or Prager, either because they blinded by the spirit of the age and/or know exactly what they are doing and they don’t care and they going to move forward on decriminalizing sexual vices and perversions…calling it instead Free Love and sexual liberation.  Coupled with growing a centralized government that promises to make everything right, but will only hurt certain people and then some in order to create the perfect society.  And the sad thing is, they will keep making the same mistakes because they want to be “free of the Biblical God.”  They want that license to sin really bad.

P.S. the first country that legalized abortion was the Soviet Union.  Also, secular societies that are pure that are close to pure…prove Prager correctly, as those leaders attempt to make themselves gods.  Most of these “women rebels” so-called were Marxist statists.

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