Abe Hamadeh Calls on Blake Masters to Leave Congressional Race Due to ‘Fake Fundraising Numbers’

Abe Hamadeh called on Blake Masters this week to drop out of Arizona’s 8th Congressional District (CD8) race due to “intentionally misleading voters” about raising $1.3 million.

“I’m officially calling on Blake Masters to drop out of this race,” Hamadeh (pictured above, left) posted on X. “Blake needs to stop paying his Nikki Haley consultants on a losing endeavor, and stay in his hometown of Tucson to rally behind President Trump this November.”

Hamadeh’s press release cited a Fox News article that said Masters (pictured above, right) raised “an eye-popping amount,” which Masters said came from “so many great people.” However, Hamadeh said these were “fake fundraising numbers,” since only $75,223.22 came from donors, “most of which is not even able to be spent in the primary election per FEC regulations.” Analyzing Masters’ campaign finance reports, Hamadeh determined that $1 million “came from his personal venture capitalist bank account,” and $88,000 came from Masters Victory Committee, the PAC formed for his failed Senate bid.

Hamadeh also took issue with Masters implying that former President Donald Trump had endorsed him. An article in the Arizona Globe said, “[O]n Blake Masters’ campaign website and on his campaign’s YouTube page, the first image one sees is a photo of Blake with the former president. The campaign is clearly hoping to create a linkage in voters’ minds. These are holdover images from Blake’s unsuccessful Senate run in 2022.”

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