Abe Hamadeh and RNC File Motion for New Trial Based on Additional Evidence of Voter Disenfranchisement

Republican Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh is not giving up contesting the election which went to Democrat Kris Mayes by just 280 votes. His first lawsuit challenging the  results was dismissed as premature, his second was thrown out by Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen for not showing there were enough problematic votes to change the election, but on Tuesday Hamadeh and the RNC, along with two individuals, filed a motion for a new trial, based on additional evidence of voter disenfranchisement. Hundreds of uncounted ballots were recently found in Pinal County.

Hamadeh said on the Charlie Kirk Show, “We didn’t have these facts. But you know who had these facts? It was Secretary of State @katiehobbs. She had all these facts and she withheld them from the court, she withheld them from me. We weren’t able to present any of this evidence.”

The 645-page Motion for a New Trial including exhibits cited Rule 59(a)(1) of the Arizona Rules of Procedure, which allows for a new trial if there is “newly discovered material evidence.” The motion cited the 507 new votes found in Pinal County, which shrunk Mayes’ lead from 511 to 280.

The motion argued that “the vote count totals are likely inaccurate, with thousands of Arizonans’ votes not counted, thus casting further doubt about the actual result.” This information was not available at trial, Hamadeh said. “Given this new margin the tiniest errors in counting are enough to change the results, or at least cast them into doubt.”

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