Abe Hamadeh and AZ Voters Rights File Lawsuit Against Maricopa County Demanding Decertification of 2022 Election in Attorney General’s Race

Abe Hamadeh and AZ Voters Rights filed a Complaint in Special Action against Maricopa County this week demanding that the court issue a writ of mandamus ordering the county to decertify the Maricopa County and Arizona canvass for the 2022 general election race for attorney general. Hamadeh has been challenging the outcome of his loss in that race in court, uncovering evidence during the litigation of votes that were not counted, decreasing his loss to only 280 votes. The trial court judge refused to give him a new trial based on the newfound evidence, which he has appealed.

Hamadeh posted on X about the new lawsuit, “Our elections are a mess and our laws are being violated. We must fix this prior to the 2024 election or our elections will continue to be in doubt. I promised Arizona that I would never stop fighting for the integrity of our votes. I won’t back down.”

The complaint, which was drafted by attorney Ryan Heath of The Gavel Project, argued that votes “were not counted due to various wrongful acts by Maricopa County officials — which disproportionately impacted Election Day voters, the majority of whom were Republicans and conservative leaning independent voters.”

Hamadeh explained the wrongful acts in the brief, “The Election Day voting for the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County was plagued by issues that the Maricopa Defendants caused by not testing the election centers’ OKI Data B432 Ballot on Demand (‘BOD’) printers under conditions simulating those that were likely to occur on Election Day and by using 20-inch, 100 lb. paper — even though Maricopa County officials knew or should have known that this combination of paper size and weight exceeded the capabilities of the OKI B432 printers especially for printing double-sided ballots.”

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