50 Lies that Almost All Americans Believe

Here are 50 lies that Americans have been conditioned or brainwashed to believe, and almost all of them do in 2022, apparently because they no longer know how to use the higher brain functions required to think for themselves. (Even if people are aware of some of these lies, they are afraid to say so in public.) There are many more lies than these, but writing them down gets me too depressed and angry, so I stopped at 50. You can probably add more yourself if you think about it.

1. The Covid “pandemic” was (is) a serious public health issue. 
2. Covid “vaccines” help people; so do face masks.
3. Doctors and hospitals are honest and ethical and care about patients.
4. Medicines and surgeries are beneficial for patients.
5. “Climate change” is a serious issue.
6. Earth has never been as warm as it is today.
7. Fossil fuels are bad and can be realistically eliminated.
8. Carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant, rather than the wonderful “molecule of life.”
9. Scientists today are honest and ethical.
10. University professors and others in academia are sane.
11. Political leaders in the United States and other Western countries are sane. 
12. Biden is mentally competent.
13. Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine was “unprovoked.”
14. Russia spreads propaganda, but the United States does not.
15. Russia and all other nations would be better off if they adopted our “values.”
16. The West is “free,” but the East is “authoritarian.”
17. The governments of the United States and Western Europe believe in “democracy.”
18. The United States and Western Europe do not pursue aggressive imperialistic policies throughout the world, but Russia and China do.
19. The foreign military interventions of the United States have been justified and beneficial—not unwarranted and brutal—to the countries subject to the interventions.
20. The United States has not killed millions of innocent people around the world in wars whose only point was to benefit the military-industrial complex.
21. Members of the U.S. military are “heroes” who “fight for our freedom.”
22. There is still “free speech” and “freedom” in the United States.
23. The government is basically good and tries to help people.
24. American corporations follow “free enterprise” and are basically good and ethical.
25. The modern American “capitalist” system is working well for most Americans.
26. The news media generally tells the truth.
27. Famous political commentators on TV, radio, and online know what they’re talking about.
28. Voting is important, because it can make a difference.
29. Politicians care what the people think.
30. Republican and Democrat politicians do not simply follow the dictates of their corporatist globalist masters. 
31. Modern-day American and Western culture and values are not decadent and evil.
32. Modern-day pop music is listenable and modern-day movies are watchable.
33. “Transgenderism” is psychologically normal and socially acceptable—and not related to uncontrolled pathological sexual urges.
34. Transgender “women” are real women.
35. “Gay marriage” is normal and socially acceptable.
36. It is normal and socially acceptable to teach LGBTQ lifestyles to children.
37. It is normal and acceptable for teenage girls to regularly dress like whores. 
38. It is normal and even admirable for people to use words like “equity,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “social justice” in conversation; it shows how smart and aware they are.
39. Racism is widespread and a serious societal problem. 
40. There are a lot of black people in prison because of racism, not because they commit a lot of crimes.
41. The justice and legal system is fair and trustworthy for regular people.
42. Gross obesity is okay, even attractive.
43. Smoking and drinking are bad for you and society, but marijuana is cool for everyone.
44. Cell phones and the Internet have been beneficial for society.
45. Continued technological change and “progress” is a good thing.
46. Continued social change and “progress” is a good thing.
47. More laws are always needed to improve “social justice.”
48. More laws are always needed to keep people safer.
49.The South was wrong in the Civil War, because they were “fighting for slavery,” while Lincoln fought the war to “save the Union.”
50. The United States still has a system based on the U.S. Constitution.

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