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Stopping ESG Causes Controversy at Arizona Corporation Commission, While One Candidate Runs on Platform of Ending It

Some Republicans on the Arizona Corporation Commission are resisting calls to stop Environmental, Social, and Governance plans by the utilities they regulate, and the controversy has extended to the upcoming fall election

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GOP Candidates and Political Activists Must Embrace Messaging Experts Like Melanie Sturm

The Democrats are far better at messaging than Republicans, primarily because they know how to communicate using compassion-framed arguments and stories that emotionally resonate with people across the political spectrum.

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Deer Valley Unified School District Board Member Paul Carver Offers Insights for Parents Concerned with K-12 Issues Today

An interview with Deer Valley Unified School District Board Member Paul Carver , who exemplifies the type of person we need on school boards (but rarely get since people of his quality often prefer higher office or someth

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We the People AZ Alliance Introduces AVII Ballot Hand Count Method to Senate Elections Committee, Already Adopted by Maricopa County Republicans

We the People AZ Alliance (WPAA) co-founder Shelby Busch said the method proved successful since “[t]wo slates ran in a heated race and no one challenged the election.”

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Arizona Free Enterprise Club Files Lawsuit Against Adrian Fontes over ‘Illegal’ and ‘Most Radical’ Elections Procedures Manual in Arizona’s History

AFEC’s complaint contends that the revised draft “contains several ‘rules’ that are unconstitutional and that also contradict statutory requirements established by the legislature and therefore lack the force of law.

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Gina Godbehere Jumps into Maricopa County Attorney Primary Race Against Incumbent Rachel Mitchell

Mitchell has accumulated considerable criticism from Republicans for actions such as representing the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors twice, asking for sanctions against Kari Lake’s election attorneys.

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America First Legal Lawsuit Against Maricopa County Over Election Illegalities Raises Issues Other Judges Previously Found Had Merit in 2020 Election Cases

Some of the issues raised in the complaint were brought up in similar lawsuits brought around the country challenging irregularities in the 2020 election, where judges found they had merit.

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CISA, Other Bureaucrats Extend Censorship of ‘Disinformation’ to the Judiciary in Order to Influence Elections

The CIA and Department of Justice teamed up under the pretense of stopping “disinformation” about fraudulent elections and other speech from the right, claiming it extended into the legal system, but so far it’s been use

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The Pima Integrity Project and CONELRAD Group Expose ‘Malfeasance,’ ‘Maladministration’ and Possible RICO Violations in Pima County’s Recent Elections

The CONELRAD Group, a team of mostly former intelligence and military officers located primarily in southern Arizona that exposed what it believes is malfeasance in Pinal County’s 2022 election, has teamed up with the Pim

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