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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 95: The wrath of Janis Ian...yes really.

I don't expect a reply for high profile artists on their respected social pages. Not the case for a woman who scored a big hit about being a high school outcast in mid 1970's. I was given the "One-Two."

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Dying Alone: Nursing Home Loneliness

The way our government is forcing us to treat our elderly is evil.

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COVID Continues: Death By Shopping!

Why aren't there body-bags stacked high in Wal-mart's parking lots?

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The Left and the Logic of History

For the "Hate America first crowd," everything depends on what culture or race are doing the exploration and settlement.

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Blow the Trumpet for the Least of These

IC's father, who became a pastor later in life, talks about the horrors of legalizing abortion 48 years ago today.

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The End of a Performative Presidency

Many of Donald Trump's critics have described his presidency as "transactional." But when I look at the adulation he got from his base in comparison to his actual accomplishments, I think that it is better seen as a perfo

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Harvard’s Flock of Future Leaders

America needs leaders today who are proud of their country and possess the intellectual curiosity needed to distinguish truth from propaganda.

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Lysander Spooner: The Forgotten History of the Man Who Started the First Private Post Office
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  • 01/20/2021

Important in the liberty, libertarian, and anarchist movements, Lysander Spooner was a champion of the labor movement, a member of the First International, and ran a private company in direct competition with the United S

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Our Own Big Tech?

The Freedomist's Bill Collier has a plan to fight back against the internet purge of conservatives. He explains how we can fight back using chess movies.

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