Please Be White, Please Be White, Please Be White! Darn

If you aren’t killed in a mass shooting by a White Crazed-Lunatic, your death – no matter how unfortunate – doesn’t mean much to the Left.

Ever notice how the perpetrator is portrayed?

LEFTIST HYPOCRISY at its finest!

The Socialists have their fingers-crossed – oh, please let the shooter be a white guy! This automatically means the killer is a racist conservative who voted for Trump. Doesn’t matter who he kills. This is their narrative: NEED to stop people like that from buying firearms! And if he purchased the gun illegally? We require more laws.

But what happens when he is an Islamic Terrorist? First, we can’t use those words. Second, regardless of his postings on Facebook or Twitter – where he is from or worships – We can't infer anything.

The shooter can make the most outrageous Social-Media statements on his beliefs and Allah, but there is still nothing to see here. Ignore it. Not Real. The Man is Obviously Insane!

NO SH*T. Anyone who kills a bunch of people isn’t going to be of sound mind. And the sympathetic Liberals will go out of their way to call it a Hate Crime. Work Related Crime. Anything but an Islamic Terrorist Act. Look at the previous mass-shootings at a Florida gay bar and the San Bernardino, California “work” gathering.

Or, the blame is pointed at society: We are Racist. No fair chances. He was treated poorly.

Actually, they are cold-hearted killers who commit Terrorist Acts for their beloved God.

Meanwhile, these same politicians don’t blink an eye on the continuing shooting deaths in cities like New York or Chicago; these occur EVERY DAY. But not a word.

Is it because the single day numbers aren’t high enough? Or do they realize Bad Guys will always get guns and shoot each other? There is nothing they can do about the violence? I guess, Democrats simply let every Major Metropolitan City have a Modern-Day O.K. Corral.

TRUTH: They really don’t care. The Lefties are only about the News Highlights – not the day-to-day workings of American Cities. No votes in spending money on long-term solutions.

Liberals only scream about the 2nd Amendment if the shooter fits their objective.

“You know why there's a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.”
Rush Limbaugh

Mr. Limbaugh passed away at an appropriate time; what lies ahead isn’t the America he lived-in, enjoyed and passionately tried to protect.