Losing Our Freedoms Without A Fight…

A Mask.  Wearing one isn’t about loss of Freedom – it is about saving lives.  Stop the spread of the dread Covid-19!   Besides, it’s just a piece of cloth.

You choose not to wear the mask; people vilify you. Get with the program – put the cloth on…NOW!

In such a short period of time, so many Americans have blindly obeyed. No one openly points out the 99% survival rate. Or the fact getting the flu is far more dangerous to our population.

Yet, we act like sheep and go along with the mandate. Rarely does anyone question a Freedom lost. It appears Americans have no backbones.

I studied history as a minor in college and remember discussing what happened in WWII Germany could not occur here. Their citizens mindlessly followed the government.  But now I see how a freedom can so easily be taken away with very little opposition.

Hitler blamed the Jewish faith for the WWI loss, along with a list of other issues. There wasn’t evidence to prove his absurd claims. The Germans didn’t push back and ultimately sacrificed millions of citizens and their homeland.

Jews were eventually made to wear a Yellow Star. Besides, it’s just a piece of cloth.

Nor is there any scientific evidence masks stop the spread of COVID. In fact, the proof indicates it is harmful. Countless scientists have arrived at the same conclusion. But once again, Americans don’t push back. Some will complain about wearing the mask, but they willingly put it on anyway. Besides, it’s just a piece of cloth.

No need to stand. One can kneel. Or even stay in their locker room, so they don’t have to acknowledge it. Burn it. Turn your back. It’s just a piece of cloth... called the American Flag.

A piece of cloth is simply a piece of cloth… until it isn’t.

Approximately six million Jews were killed by Germany. To say the Mask will lead to another Holocaust is an unbelievable overstatement.

Possibly, you don’t believe more Freedoms can be taken away? What if the next issue is more restrictions on Freedom of Speech. Or law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have certain guns? We went so willingly for the Mask; it is hard for me to believe other Freedoms can’t, gradually, be taken away.

Remember: We were told wear a mask – any piece of cloth covering the mouth and nose will work, and COVID would go away. It has been nearly nine months. Now, if Biden becomes President, he wants a mask mandate for 100 days. Not 99 or 101. 100 Days.

COVID, like all viruses, is mutating; we do not yet know if the new vaccines will be effective against it. Though scientists believe it will take years, not months, for the vaccine to be ineffective. One has to remember mutations are nothing new – look at the annual flu.

But politicians and mainstream media never let the facts ruin a good story. There is discussion we may need to wear the mask into 2022.

Remember:  The scientific data behind this mask doesn’t exist. Yet most Americans don’t complain or even doubt the severity of COVID-19.  We don’t even seem to recognize it is an act of suppression which, I don’t need to tell you, is devastating our economy.

No, we don’t even ask the questions.  We simply wear the piece of cloth and believe we are doing our part.  Besides, it isn’t going any further than the Mask.

What binds us as a Nation?  A simple piece of cloth – the American Flag. Over a million men and women have died for this piece of cloth; it represents the Freedoms America used to hold dear: Freedom of Speech.  Freedom of Religion.  Right to Bear Arms. American Dream. The very Freedom to kneel and not recognize it as a freedom!

Do you not see the irony? These men and women will have died for nothing; they didn’t give their lives for us to be suppressed, led around by our noses. Those Americans believed in a way of life. Not a move towards Socialism or Bigger Government.

But don’t worry. Don’t do anything. Kneeling, turning your back, ignoring the pieces of cloth is just temporary. There aren’t any plans to go any further…until they do.

And it is just cloth…until it isn’t.

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.
Leonardo da Vinci
I Am An American by Mick Haupt is licensed under unspalsh https://unsplash.com