An old non-woke outcast American dissident looks to Russia for hope

I was born in Chicago in 1960, and I’ve lived in the same region all my life. But I find myself wondering every day now, “Where the hell am I? Is this really America?”

It seems to me that the United States of America—including its government, its big corporations, and even its population—has purposefully set out to alienate me, by transforming itself into a strange, alien land that bears no resemblance to the country in which I grew up during the 1960s and 1970s. I’ve been observing this twisted transformation with dismay since at least the 1990s, but the evidence has become abundantly obvious during the past few years that this modern-day America does not want me to be part of it, and, conversely, I don’t want to be part of this America.

About the only time I can still see things that seem like my America is when I’m watching Gunsmoke reruns from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s! That’s pretty sad!

I apparently have nothing in common with America or Americans today, judging from the propaganda messages I am bombarded with by television, the Internet, and other media, as well as from my daily observations of the real world out there. I deduce, as reflected in TV commercials for example, that America is now mostly black or interracial and/or gay or trans. Some commercials aren’t even in English these days, as if the advertisers want only Hispanic customers. Well, none of those demographic categories apply to me. I’m just an old, straight, white dude. I rarely see anyone like me on TV anymore. So, I’m guessing that I must be in the wrong country.

Nor do I see my views or values expressed in the American media. I’m educated in, and knowledgeable about, science, history, and the rest of the world. I cherish individual freedom and independent thought, I distrust all authority and group-think, I despise corporate and government “woke” propaganda, I’m not addicted to technology, credit cards, or Amazon, and I don’t smoke pot or CBD.

I constantly see the exact opposite of all views and values expressed in the media. What is presented as “science,” such as climate change, the COVID pandemic, or transgender ideology, I know for a fact to be pure bullcrap. What is presented as history, such as “systemic racism” or “white privilege” continuing from hundreds of years ago right up to today, I know to be more bullcrap. Yet, Americans just go along with whatever prevailing, dominant group-think the media presents from so-called authorities on these matters. Never never question government, corporate, or academic authorities! And never speak up or speak out with any views that go against the prevailing flow!

Americans have become so damn compliant and satiated in their little materialistic technology bubbles at home that they are deaf and blind to the government and corporate tyranny growing all around them. That’s pretty scary!

As for the rest of the world, Americans show absolutely no serious knowledge of the current events or histories of any other countries. That is no surprise, because they are astonishingly ignorant about their own country.

So, Americans understand essentially nothing about their own country or the rest of the world, yet they are somehow convinced that America is superior to other countries and has the moral authority and divine right to tell other countries what they can and cannot do. And they are all for waging wars in foreign countries that they could not even find on a labelled map, never stopping to question the sick motives of those elites who push the wars.

As for modern-day American tastes in music, movies, TV shows, art, sports, or other forms of “entertainment,” I can’t even begin to understand what the hell they are thinking. Do Americans really enjoy all those stupid juvenile superhero movies? Really? People today just seem to go with the popular flow on everything, no matter how crappy, ridiculous, illogical, perverse, or decadent. They are like conditioned Pavlovian dogs, with their simplistic behaviors and consumerist impulses so easily manipulated and directed by mass advertising.

As for the technology gadgets, credit cards, and Amazon shopping that Americans are addicted to, those things could all disappear tomorrow and I would not care at all. I hardly ever use them, and I don’t need them. And I definitely don’t need or want pot, which only makes people more stupid and compliant than they already are. That’s exactly why the government legalized it.

The zombie-like sheep-like group-think mentality seems to define every aspect of American culture today, based on my observations. This cultural mentality is the polar opposite of my naturally rebellious independent-minded mentality. So, yes, I must definitely be in the wrong country!

My independent-minded views and willingness to articulate them have cost me jobs and income. I used to be a pretty successful freelance writer and editor in the educational publishing business, with a healthy six-figure annual income. That was before wokeness came to totally dominate the business, and before the wokesters became emboldened to brazenly start pushing their overbearing weight around.

Within the past few years, several clients that had been important to my income have fired me for my refusal to write their blatant BS propaganda or for other political reasons. I lost one client because I brought up the non-hysterical side of the climate change debate. I lost a second client because I wrote that some people do not accept the concept of systemic racism. I lost a third client because I mentioned the possible adverse effects of COVID vaccines.

I remember when educational publishers wanted you to write about all sides of an issue. Not anymore. Now, if you want to work as a writer, you have to present only the official establishment woke side of an issue. I can’t do that. It’s not honest. It’s not ethical. It’s not education. Hence, I now have little work.

That is what America thinks of my more than 30 years of experience in the educational, scientific, and medical publishing business. America says to me, “Screw you!”

That pisses me off big time. But the incident that really pushed me over the edge and really opened up my eyes to the ugly evil freedom-crushing reality of what America has become was when my most important client fired me because I refused to get a COVID vaccine. And this was for a 100-percent work-at-home job in which nobody else at this institution would ever meet me in person. This jerkoff client said that they had to let me go because of Biden’s vaccine mandate. And they made sure to tell me that I was the only editor that refused to get the vaccine. I guess that somehow helped them feel justified.

I interpreted this incident as America saying to me, “We care nothing about you or your job skills. We just hate you because you will not comply. So, go to hell!”

So, now I make only about 20 grand a year from my couple of leftover clients. I used to make over 100 grand about ten years ago. Thank you, America. In addition, I have had some of my political essays and videos censored or shadow-banned from online platforms. Thank you again, America.

It did not surprise me that I was the “only” editor with that jerkoff client who refused to comply with their damn vaccine mandate. This was during the same time when I would go to stores and be the only person not wearing a ridiculous face diaper. I was thrown out of a few of those stores when I got into arguments about the masks. That’s when I realized for certain that most Americans are butt-head dumbasses. It seemed as if I was the only person with enough scientific knowledge and independent thought capabilities to understand how silly and useless, and potentially dangerous, those masks and vaccines were.

Butt-head dumbass arrogant ignorant zombie clone group-think cowardly technology-addicted pot-smoking sheep. That is my blunt opinion of Americans today. I do not fit in.

What am I supposed to do? Phone my congressman to complain? Vote for better representation to beat back the idiots? You’re joking, right? After the presidential election of 2020 was flagrantly stolen—and they got away with it—I fully understood the futility of that supposed exercise in “democracy.” The ruling elites who control America will never again allow an election victory for anyone, like Trump, who poses a serious threat to their established order or their army of obedient idiots. So, I will never vote again. Voting today in America is for delusional fools. I’m not gonna be one of those fools.

Based on my evaluation of media reports from Western Europe, the same decadent societal situation exists there. Those countries, too, have become hopelessly destroyed by the woke globalist agenda and mass brainwashing and ignorance. Europe, like America, is gone forever.

Real hope, needless to say, comes from inside an individual’s mind and soul—certainly not from any government, corporation, or other man-made institution. A strong-willed person can still summon up hope in the midst of any dire situation. And I try to do that, drawing on my own inner strength, regardless of the hostile outer forces that are seeking to destroy me.

Nevertheless, in looking around the world, I am seeing one large country today that is offering me some lingering hope in human institutions. That country is Russia. When I look at Russian media, such as the news website and live streaming of RT or other news coming directly from Russia, I often see imagery that I can relate to—things that I can no longer see in modern American media or in other aspects of my American existence today.

Americans are so damn race- and ethnicity-conscious today—Black Lives Matter, Black History Month, TV commercials pushing interracial couples or meant only for Hispanics . . . I never used to be like that. I used to just look at people as individuals, not as racial or ethnic groups. But, hell, if that is the game they want to play, I can play it too! Yeah, I can gladly be ethnicity-conscious if that is now the measure in vogue. I’m proud of my ethnicity and ancestry. I am not black or Hispanic. I am white and, in fact, Slavic, with a Polish and Russian ancestry. I believe that I am even distantly related to Yakov Smushkevich, who was the head of the Soviet Air Force in the early part of World War II and a two-time Hero of the Soviet Union.

Yes, I can see me when I see news reports of current events in Russia. I don’t see blacks or Hispanics. And I don’t see gays or trans. I see white Slavic people. Traditional-type, normal people. Real people with whom I can identify. And I find that observation extremely refreshing, considering the racialized, radicalized, unrelatable BS that I am forced to be exposed to with American media. Russian TV seems less foreign to me than American TV.

I further observe that Russia continues to be essentially a traditional, conservative, rational, healthy, normal society. It has not been overrun by the sick, woke, emotional, hysterical, LGBTQ-BS agenda. In fact, Russia is a distinctly anti-woke society, as are its leaders.  And that fact is, of course, the main reason that the ultra-woke U.S. and its woke Western allies are currently waging a war against Russia. Russia is the only major roadblock that stands in the way of their woke globalist domination. They have to defeat Russia to continue to build their globalist utopia hellhole! Russia, conversely, has to defeat them if it wants to survive as a free, independent, distinct culture. That is what the war in Ukraine—including the massive U.S. funding of, and weapons transfers to, the corrupt Ukrainian puppet regime—is all about, in a nutshell.

These observations suggest to me that Russia is very likely the only country today that offers hope for me—hope that a free, independent, and proud people can still push back successfully against the evil and decadent U.S.-directed globalist plot for world control. Putin is basically saying to America and the West, “Back off, you perverts!”

I have become alienated from America, but I think I have found another country in which I can belong—Russia. Russia may not be the most-free country in the world, I don’t know. But I do know, based on my own experiences, that the United States isn’t exactly a free country any more either. And I believe that my demographic characteristics and my personal values clearly fit in better with Russia than with America today.

Okay, so you are probably wondering, “If you think Russia is so great and you hate what America has become, why the hell don’t you just move to Russia?” I can give you three answers: 1) At age 63, I am too old to start my life over in a foreign country; 2) I have family ties here, which are more important than searching for my societal ideal; and 3) I believe that there can be great value in remaining in America while filling the role of a rebel political dissident—something that this thoroughly brainwashed country definitely needs more of.

Thus, I will remain here as an outspoken outcast political and societal dissident, offering my views in political essaysvideos, or other means of expression that can, hopefully, escape the bullets of the censors and shadow-banners. I believe that it can also be valuable and worthwhile to just express my views with friends, acquaintances, and people at the grocery store. I may be the only contrary voice that that cashier has ever heard. Who knows how that little interaction might impact her?

I often feel like I’m all alone with my contrary views, but I know that I’m not. I have noticed that a lot of American “conservatives” seem to be looking to Russia for hope these days, and they are strongly supporting Russia in the Ukraine war. I see the comments they leave on RT, Odysee, YouTube, The Unz Review, and other websites. Russia’s message is successfully reaching people around the world and positively influencing them—countering the massive nonstop American-Western propaganda machine.

In summarizing this essay, I will say that I used to be a patriotic American, but I am that no more. How can I be patriotic to a country that, through multiple actions, has shown that it doesn’t even want me?

Today, the United States and Russia are at war with each other. From my perspective, it seems logical for me to root for Russia to win. Oh, do I hear the word “traitor”? Yes, the America government and its corporate partners have indeed been traitors to me and millions of other American citizens. Yet, most Americans are too cowardly, ignorant, and/or distracted by their electronic gadgets to do anything about it. The Spirit of 1776 is, unfortunately, long gone. Perhaps this dystopian American mess will require a foreign power to eventually clean it up.

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