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St. Louis County and Municipal Marijuana Tax Proposition M's are Fraudulent Tax Grabs
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  • 03/24/2023

Proposition M taxes on sales of "legal" marijuana in St. Louis County and municipalities are fraudulent, expensive, expansive, and counterproductive Democrat tax grabs that must be rejected on April 4th, 2023.

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An Epidemic of Gender Dysphoria

The human species populated the world and created a civilization, for better or worse, through the union of man and woman... ​​​​​​​That was no accident. It was by design.

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School Social Work Association of Arizona Holds Conference Pushing SEL for K-12 Educators

A spokesperson for the AZ Informer, who has been following the developments of SEL in schools, told The Arizona Sun Times that social workers are being hired specifically to push Critical Race Theory (CRT), intersectional

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Kari Lake Submits Final Brief to Arizona Supreme Court Requesting Review

The Arizona Supreme Court held a private conference on Tuesday to discuss whether to accept Kari Lake’s appeal of lower courts dismissing her lawsuit contesting her loss of the gubernatorial race.

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Goldwater Institute Issues Plan to Solve Arizona’s Water Problem That Doesn’t Expand Government

As concerns grow that Arizona and neighboring states may be facing a water shortage due to one of the worst droughts in history, solutions are being proposed in the Arizona Legislature and by water experts.

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Former AZ AG Election Integrity Unit Attorney Asks State Supreme Court to Investigate AG Kris Mayes for Ethics Violations re Voter Fraud

New Democratic Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes issued a press release last month criticizing her predecessor, Republican Mark Brnovich, for disagreeing with two of his employees on whether there was election fraud in

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State Sen. Wendy Rogers Tops Arizona Republican Assembly Scorecard Rating Legislators

AZRA said their expectations that it would be “the most conservative Republican Caucus in memory” are proving to be accurate; the new crop of legislators has a lot of solid conservatives.

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New Poll Finds 8 Percent More AZ Voters Said They Voted For Lake Over Hobbs, Hamadeh and Finchem Also Over Their Opponents

Women also chose the three Republicans over the Democrats. The highly accurate Rasmussen Reports took a poll a few days before the 2020 election that showed Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden by 3 points.

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Study Finds Extensive Flaws in Plan to Extend Sales Tax for Expanding Light Rail in Maricopa County

The Prop. 400 half-cent tax, which started in 1985 to pay for public transit and then light rail in Maricopa County, faces strong opposition every time it comes up for renewal. The proposal proposal fails to consider the

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Arizona Christian University Alleges Religious Discrimination After Glendale School District Terminated Teacher Contract

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on behalf of the ACU on March 9, demanding multiple types of damages, including punitive.

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How the Left’s Corruption of the Courts Imprisoned Another Republican for the 2008 Real Estate Crash

The fallout from the 2008 real estate market crash has continued for years, as Republicans languish in prison, demonized as fall guys for the big banks. When the public clamored for scalps, Democratic prosecutors pounced

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Raucous School Board Meeting After District Decides to Stop Hiring Teachers From Arizona Christian University

Newly elected School Board Member Tamillia Valenzuela, who describes herself as “witchy AF” and “queer AF,” led the effort to terminate the contract, stating the university’s “biblically-informed” values made her feel uns