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Meet the Young Attorney Who May Have Saved Kari Lake’s Election Challenge

Ryan Heath is a 31-year-old new attorney in Arizona who started The Gavel Project, an “anti-woke nonprofit” that fights for “civil liberties on behalf of victims suffering from the abuses of woke ideologues.”

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AmericaPack and EZAZ Present Strategy to ‘Flip Arizona Solid Red’

State Reps Alex Kolodin and Joseph Chaplik provided updates on the Arizona Legislature, and a Phoenix Police Department (PPD) sergeant talked about the lack of patrol officers within the PPD.

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Kari Lake Responds to Arizona Supreme Court’s Decision Remanding Part and Rejecting Part of Her Appeal

Instead of taking the easy road and rejecting considering Kari Lake's appeal of her election contest, the AZ Supreme Court issued a far different ruling. Courts are finally starting to wake up to election fraud.

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St. Louis County and Municipal Marijuana Tax Proposition M's are Fraudulent Tax Grabs
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  • 03/24/2023

Proposition M taxes on sales of "legal" marijuana in St. Louis County and municipalities are fraudulent, expensive, expansive, and counterproductive Democrat tax grabs that must be rejected on April 4th, 2023.

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An Epidemic of Gender Dysphoria

The human species populated the world and created a civilization, for better or worse, through the union of man and woman... ​​​​​​​That was no accident. It was by design.

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School Social Work Association of Arizona Holds Conference Pushing SEL for K-12 Educators

A spokesperson for the AZ Informer, who has been following the developments of SEL in schools, told The Arizona Sun Times that social workers are being hired specifically to push Critical Race Theory (CRT), intersectional

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Kari Lake Submits Final Brief to Arizona Supreme Court Requesting Review

The Arizona Supreme Court held a private conference on Tuesday to discuss whether to accept Kari Lake’s appeal of lower courts dismissing her lawsuit contesting her loss of the gubernatorial race.

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Goldwater Institute Issues Plan to Solve Arizona’s Water Problem That Doesn’t Expand Government

As concerns grow that Arizona and neighboring states may be facing a water shortage due to one of the worst droughts in history, solutions are being proposed in the Arizona Legislature and by water experts.

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Former AZ AG Election Integrity Unit Attorney Asks State Supreme Court to Investigate AG Kris Mayes for Ethics Violations re Voter Fraud

New Democratic Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes issued a press release last month criticizing her predecessor, Republican Mark Brnovich, for disagreeing with two of his employees on whether there was election fraud in

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