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Group Sounds Alarm on Arizona Voting Machine Readers Lacking Accreditation

This is a classic case of why attempts to stop election misfeasance go mostly nowhere. Much of comes down to the legal system, full of judges who were just placed there as tools of the swamp.

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Accusations Fly Between Finchem, Fontes During Arizona Secretary of State Debate Focused on Voter Fraud

Even though the secretary of state position does not deal with abortion, Democratic candidate Adrian Fontes Fontes went off on a rant about how his three daughters “deserve to make their own choices” and said he would dis

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Thought Criminals: Women and Minorities are Tired of Being Called Victims

IC Editor Rachel Alexander and Newsmax contributor Ralph Benko discuss how minorities and women are sick and tired of the left calling them victims in order to use them as tools to demonize the right.

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Maricopa County Hired 145 More Democratic Poll Workers than Republicans to Staff August Primary Election

The Republican National Committee sent a letter to the Maricopa County Elections Department (MCED) demanding to know why MCED appears to have broken the law by assigning significantly more Democrats than Republicans to po

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Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem Leads Adrian Fontes by over Six Points in Arizona Secretary of State Race: Poll

Mark Finchem explaining his substantial lead, “Our lead in the polling comes from our message that the people want to secure their elections, they want clean and accurate voter rolls and they want someone to prosecute the

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New Super PAC-Funded Ads Arrive to Revive Blake Masters’ Campaign Against Senator Mark Kelly

George Landrith of the Frontiers of Freedom explains why he thinks the race may be salvageable, throwing in a little money even though Republicans in the Senate have withdrawn money and Trump's organization isn't helping.

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The future of the Abortion Debate in America

Roe is finally overturned, but will its legacy coupled with the activism and legacy of the late Lawrence "Larry" Lader keep the issue of Abortion at the federal level????

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Should We Engage With Trolls Harassing Us About Politics on Social Media?

I've changed my mind about engaging with online trolls after researching this. Andrew Breitbart used to say we should debate them, but things have changed a lot since he died.

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Wilberforce’s Attack On Vice Is Needed In The USA

Many people don't realize that abolitionist William Wilberforce also advocated for a change in morals and manners in Great Britain and its worldwide empire. What were those changes?

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