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Who Am I?

I've been with America since the beginning - from Revolutionary War to Today. I've seen it all. Do you know who I am?

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Weak, Old, Befuddled Biden is Perfect President for Zombie America

Biden asserted in the first debate, “I am the Democratic Party.” He could have said, “I am America.” America today is a lot like Biden.

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Many GOP politicians (i.e. John Kasich, Mitt Romney), commentators, and former officials in government or think tanks have become Vichyite collaborationists or "Sunshine Conservatives," largely dissociating themselves...

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The Truth About Unwritten Constitutions

A lot of Americans have an exaggerated sense of the role the a written constitution - as opposed to an unwritten constitution - can play in defending their liberties. As a political pragmatist, here is my own take.

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How much corruption will Democrat voters stomach just to defeat Trump?

There's more than enough evidence to conclude that Joe Biden misused his position as vice president to enrich his family. If Democrat voters overlook his malfeasance just to remove Trump from office, it doesn't bode well

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COVID-19 Thoughts Part 74: October Random Thoughts

Tom Baker's final Doctor Who story, FFRF a front group, and Marxist anthems from John Lennon and maybe your local children's chorale group. The chorale group in my hometown made it their official theme.

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Forget 2020! Snowflakes Are The Future

The 2020 Election will not put the final nail in the Far-Left Movement’s Coffin. In reality, a Trump victory only buys America four more years. The future isn’t bright until we start addressing the issue of Snowflakes.

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If You Think the Police Are Brutal and Biased Now…

What does "The Wildest, Most Violent Cop in the History of Chicago Police” have to say about the rioting and police violence today?

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Asymmetrical Warfare and 4GW: How Militia Groups Are America's Domestic Viet Cong | The Resistance Library Podcast
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  • 10/16/2020

On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Sam and Dave discuss 4GW, or Fourth Generation Warfare.

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