Why Israel Must Survive

isrlThe US has no moral ground on which to stand to help Israel in 2014. 

Why would we help them fight the very people we arm, encourage and support with our tax money? Why would we help to sustain a democratic government when our own leaders eschew the very thing? Why help preserve a nation so helplessly intertwined with the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob when we take such great pains to drive the very idea from our minds, sight and lips?

I happen to believe God gave this land to Israel and this is WHY they will survive, but as a practical matter, aside from any supernatural purpose, here is why I think Israel SHOULD survive:

I frankly rather doubt the very concept of individual freedom can exist outside the context of believing there is a God who can bestow it (because who else could?). But let’s assume for a moment that we all believe it to be an inalienable right from whomever or from nothing.

Israel is surrounded by barbarians who hate everything about them and have publicly stated their intent to destroy them. What do they hate the most about Israel? Their freedom. I KNOW this because the first thing the Islamists do when they take over is throw a blanket over the females, kill the gays and Christians and switch the schools over to madrasas (because knowledge = freedom).


So here is why Israel must continue to exist and why Obama would rather they did not. Israel’s continued existence proves that free men need nothing more than their will to survive. Overwhelming numbers cannot defeat them, worldwide hatred, isolation, etc. Only that they love freedom more than they fear death.

The story of the Pilgrims and the colonist’s fight for freedom is lost to our cultural memory now. That’s why our young people can’t identify the branches of government or a picture of Eric Holder, or have ever heard of the Bill of Rights. It’s why our lawmakers stand idly by in the face of NSA, IRS, the Justice Department and executive branch encroachments on freedoms that our forefathers died to secure for us. None of them remember who we are… but they all see Israel.

Israel is a terrible reminder to this administration of the hell that could be unleashed on THEM if we were to wake up and realize that they are threatening OUR freedoms. 

That’s why Obama and the Islamists around the world would like to see them destroyed and why we should pray they never succeed. 

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