We Didn’t Get Here Overnight

With the socialist structure of Medicare in existence for over forty years, the abuses have mounted in epidemic proportions, which is placing a stranglehold financially on a failed system grasping for air. God please bless and protect our beloved country always, from ourselves.

The atrocious situation we find ourselves in healthcare wasn’t created overnight. It was caused by many factors. One obvious adversity in these horrendous obviations was the development of Medicare. Medicare at its inception was a unique concept, especially in a country which prided itself on capitalism. This was the initial start of forming a healthcare system with a socialist ideology.


The opponents, no matter how sound and intelligent their arguments were in putting a halt to this arrangement, had basically little or no defenses in stopping this program. Let’s put it this way, how could anyone be against the elderly and the disabled in receiving affordable quality medical assistance, which seemed to stress a logical, human compassion and assistance to these individuals, who worked and contributed to society, and to human beings with physical or mental inflictions, together with full governmental oversight.


It was in the right place at the right time, when the trust in the government and our leaders were high. It was a period right after the assassination of President Kennedy and the beginning of the President Johnson’s second term in 1965. This initiative would have hit a brick wall in Johnson’s later years when his popularity was down and the American people were questioning his decisions and motives, with the Vietnam war escalating, protests, college unrest, questioning all authority with no peaceful end in sight.


Now with this socialist structure in existence for over forty years, the abuses have mounted in epidemic proportions, which is placing a stranglehold financially on a failed system grasping for air. So what is the most logical mentality and solution the government has to offer? Expand the already substandard system. The federal programs throughout history proved one thing; that we cannot provide our unquestionable confidence in their competent efficient operation.



These questions we must ask ourselves and must be answered truthfully. Do we actually trust President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, especially Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who administered no compassion by refusing to intervene in Sarah Murnaghan, a 10 year old little girl’s life and death situation for a lung transplant with your healthcare? Would you trust your life or the lives of your family on a federal simpleton bureaucrat with no medical experience, relying on their own clueless interpretations of an incoherent law? Are we willing to die and offer our children as sacrificial lambs to the chosen one, President Barack Hussein Obama and his puppet apostles, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Kathleen Sebelius? Are you willing to submit them to death panels? Are we willing to risk the health and well being of all our family members, unquestionably to prove our loyalty and dedication, blindly supporting President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s policies? Are you willing to liberally relinquish your health care and freedom of choice into another Socialist program geared to offer entitlements to illegal aliens, and other criminals, who are milking our society and American ideology?


If you are, than God help America, because it’s quite obvious that America can’t help itself. Remember this, there’s nothing wrong with this great nation, I love America, but my doubts and concerns are with its greedy, corrupt, power hungry, incompetent, idiotic leadership and its naive dim-witted brainless people, who take freedom and the Constitution for granted.


God please bless and protect our beloved country always, from ourselves.


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