Intellectual Conservative welcomes all topics of articles from writers that are written in an intellectual style. This can mean anything from a writing style similar to William F. Buckley, an article on a philosophical topic, or a piece that is well-researched and/or investigated. Intellectual Conservative is particular to investigative reporting, which means if you are willing to write your piece as a primary source (interview or witness the primary actors yourself), your article will stand a much better chance at being accepted for publication.

We appreciate articles on timely hot topics. We do not require exclusivity, you are welcome to post your articles on other sites. Unlike some sites, we are not concerned with the length of articles. If you cannot write a coherent essay for a nationally renowned syndication in under 750 words, then send it to us.  

Please submit articles to and in the subject line of the email put “submission – your name – article title/topic” For example, in the subject line, you might put “submission – John Smith – Affirmative Action.” Please note that the address submissions@intellectualconservative has been discontinued.

Please attach your article in Word, or if that is not possible, copy and paste it into the body of the email or attach it as a .txt file. If you are a new contributor, please include a one or two line bio about yourself at the end of the article, where you can include a link to your web site if you have one, or any archive of past articles you may have. We also archive your articles automatically on our site. 

We occasionally review books. If you are a publisher or writer and would like us to review the book for you, email us at articles – at –

We receive hundreds of submissions a week, and cannot get back to everyone on whether we have decided to post an article. Unfortunately there is not enough staff to post every excellent article we receive, nor to respond to additional inquiries. We do not pay for publication.

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