Save the Life of Intellectual Conservative’s Buckley the Cat!

Intellectual Conservative’s Buckley Alexander, named after the late William F. Buckley, Jr., who many of you know from his Facebook page, Twitter account, and catfights on Youtube with Reagan, needs $1750 in surgery on his pancreas in order to save his life. The vet in Puget Sound where Buckley lives has successfully performed this surgery on his own cat a couple of years ago. Buckley is only 6 years old. His owner Rachel cannot afford the surgery due to being attacked the last few years for being a conservative blogger, which has crippled her finances. Please consider a donation to save the life of this cat, who is terribly special to Rachel, Brian and the four kids (daughter Autumn runs his Facebook and Twitter accounts). If just a few people donate we can cover the cost. Once he makes it through the surgery, as a thank you, we will continue to update the new Buckley website regularly with more hilarious photos of the entertaining fierce beast! Please check back with us over the next few hours or days and we will keep the money thermometer updated on reaching our goal. You can track everything on the Save Buckley website. Intellectual Conservative does not charge its readers for content, so we thought we’d ask for donations for Buckley instead. Thank you and God Bless, Rachel, Brian, Autumn, Ashley, Denise and Jami

Catfight with Reagan

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