Proposed Gun Legislation Does More (and Less) Than Advertised

Sadly, the info-tainment media has so badly failed at keeping the public informed about pending legislation that we are once again forced to address the “firearm” issue.

The real issue is not publicly discussed by neither our elected representatives nor the wide media of either political orientation. The true concerns and thoughts differ significantly from what is commonly being discussed and commented upon.

On close inspection, attempts at “closing the gun show loophole” pose a far greater risk to the Republic than any ban of any particular firearm or class of firearms. Under current law, background checks are already required for every gun sale by licensed gun dealers, regardless of location, except those sales that occur between private citizens. This was a part of the Brady Law. Dealers must obtain a firearms dealer license, which then requires them to do a background check on every sale. Part 478 of Title 27 CFR Chapter II, subsection 478.102 requires that, before the completion of any transfer of a firearm, the person receiving the firearm must be checked through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The system flags people, and prevents the sale of a firearm to anyone in the following categories:

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