The Pro-Murderer Mindset of The New York Times

A stunning 7,900-word New York Times article paints a murderer as a sympathetic victim, with little concern for murder victims and their loved ones. The pro-murderer movement hits the big time. [...]

The General is Right, Terrorists Only Stand Down in Front of Power and Knowing Action Will Follow

If terrorists in a country kill four of our people, we need to let them know that we will respond by killing 400 of theirs. [...]

Egypt and Libya: Clinton Warned About Embassy Security Problems

A full investigation is needed since the Obama administration was warned by a Government Accountability Office report that was released to the U.S. Congress, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and concerned agencies and organizations. [...]

Thinking About the Unthinkable – Disunion

Then one must contemplate that perhaps Disunion is preferable to Civil War. An amicable divorce might be preferable to the inevitable civil strife. Is it feasible? Can American liberals and American conservatives imitate Czechs and Slovaks? It is commo… [...]

Duly Noted – The Punk-Test of Liberty’s Limits.

Not every vulgarity is art, and not every publicly performed perversion is political protest. Can one handle fish and not smell? Is it possible to spread honey without becoming sticky? Could “Pussy Riot” be discussed and not stoop to their leve… [...]

Obama Can’t Tell Us Why Osama Killed 3,000 Americans

President Obama brags about the death of Osama bin Laden but is unable to tell us why Osama killed 3,000 Americans. The day after Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden, I wrote the following about President Obama’s re-election prospects: The spontaneous… [...]

Obama, Convention Speeches and Soviet Propaganda

Unlike the Republican convention speeches, this writer paid very little attention to those at the Democrat convention. Tampa was likely to be Mitt Romney’s first opportunity to take a “national stage” and make some form of pronouncement on the… [...]

The Double Democrat Rejection Of God And Jerusalem

Even those prominent Jews who argued strongly for Barack Obama in 2008, former Mayor of New York City, Ed Koch, the country’s most well-known trial lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Republican congressional candidate Rabbi Shmuely Boteach, and publisher and edito… [...]

What Obama Meant to Say in His DNC Speech

A parody of Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention. Fellow Americans and community organizers, So glad to see all of you people here tonight! I apologize for moving the location inside, unfortunately the turnout was drastically lo… [...]

Where in Hell Does That Thirty Percent Come From?

About one in three Americans would support the Obama Administration right up until its agents stood him or her up against the wall. Why is that? The brightest young freshman to have crossed my path in quite a while was a Nigerian. She has since mov… [...]

Stop Empowering the Thieves who Steal your Money in Broad Daylight!

Screwed By Dick Morris. This book has one important premise we all should live by! Screwed is a great book. Its subtitle is: “How foreign Countries are ripping us off and plundering our economy- and how our leaders help them to do it.” The boo… [...]

The Sideshow at the DOJ

The Department of Justice is now pulling out all the stops to hire “attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have ‘psychiatric disabilities’ or ‘severe intellectual disabilities.’” This includes people with schizophrenia. [...]

Obama And The Supreme Court

The judicial branch with the recent acceptance of Obamacare, and other unorthodox rulings, gave guarantees to the people that it can be humiliatingly swayed as puppets, to the puppeteer. [...]

Education And The Texas Vote

If this population was to be educated and the literacy rate was expanded, most would be able to make up their own minds on Election Day…and there would be little need for a party activist to mark their ballots. [...]

Obama Still Decimating the Military

Massive numbers of military veterans are being dumped out on the streets after 10, 20, even 30 years of honorable service. Obama is cutting experienced veterans who have deployed numerous times in order to screw these soldiers out of the retirement bene… [...]

The Man From Wapakoneta

For numerous reasons, Neil Armstrong was uniquely qualified to be America’s standard—bearer on the epic mission of Apollo Eleven. Though officially listed as NASA’s first civilian astronaut, that description was almost a total mischaracterization of his… [...]

Carrying Obama’s Bags

Bill Clinton isn’t the only one who has had to carry Obama’s bags over the past 3½ years. [...]

Fair-Weather Fenway

They should play “The Thrill is Gone” instead of “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park. Prior to the 2012 MLB season, I predicted the Boston Red Sox would finish in last place in the AL East: But the biggest story in the 2012 season will come out of Bost… [...]

The American Dream: Bedtime Story or Climb Up Cold Mountain?

As long as Republican mouthpieces keep insisting that the American Dream is a “rags to riches” narrative, their Democrat rivals will find plenty of ears to listen to the “spread the wealth” story. I avoided watching the Republican convention rathe… [...]

Can Rand Paul Deliver the Paul Voters?

There is no doubt in my mind that both Ron and Rand Paul will vote for Romney-Ryan on November 6th. But the jury is still out on what Paul supporters will do. [...]

Todd Akin and Establishment Republican Hypocrisy

The Akin controversy has further exposed the hypocrisy of establishment Republicans. They always preach to conservatives: “No matter how little he represents you, you must vote for our candidate because the alternative is worse.” The sum and substance o… [...]

Using Semantics to Take Down Conservative Representative Todd Akin

It is ridiculous to pile on Rep. Akin over one careless remark, when everyone knew what he meant. Liberal pundits are declaring they have no idea what Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) meant when he referred to “legitimate rape” in an interview this past week.… [...]

Akin Pains: A Review of the Tempest That Escaped the Teapot

Representative Akin’s cryptic remarks about the invulnerability of rape victims to pregnancy are only offensive in a narcissistic society where the aggrieved misconstrue words to magnify their grievances… but the man’s response, alas, has not inspired c… [...]

Senator Rubio and Natural Born Citizenship

Is it possible that the “natural born citizen” requirement no longer serves its intended purpose? Recently I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Marco Rubio’s autobiography An American Son. It is an exceptnional book, not just because it is wel… [...]

Duly Noted – The World, its Vote, and American Elections?

A global input into a national decision. Seldom is the topic of this column taken from a long list of planned topics that wait being unthawed. This time the unplanned stimulus comes from a video interview of foreign-born residents in New York. The qu… [...]

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