You Blew it, Kasich, Move Aside

ksch-trmpMuch will be written about the utter thrashing GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump took at the hands of the far-more prepared, knowledgeable, qualified and otherwise principled Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio during […]

Trump Viewed from the Border: High-Rolling Vulgarity, La Familia… and Not Much in Between


Why does the candidate who pledges most vocally to secure our border show no sign in his personal life of guarding our cultural borders?


Prepare for the Onslaught: Media’s Liberal Bias in This Election Year


It has long been credibly acknowledged that what is considered to be the conventional news media consistently affords preferential treatment to liberals and their causes. The bias […]

A Parody of a Revolution

I do not understand why those of the “Black Lives Matter” activist group get upset when someone says “All Lives Matter”? “I am a Christian,” another “sect” soon to be banned if the government has its way. And I consider every life precious. Yes, black lives do matter, as do White lives, Asian lives, Hispanic […]

Does Obama Know what a Lame Duck is?

Does Obama Know what a Lame Duck is?

By Dr. Phil Taverna


My guess is that Obama doesn’t think he is a Lame Duck president. But don’t tell him that he is.


He has saddled this country with enormous debt. And the albatross best known as ObamaCare. And I laugh […]

Leadership Through Soothing Lies

Duly Noted Politics is the process for making collective choices. Democratic politics endeavor to involve the “common man” because of his “common sense”: He has a right and the qualification to determine his destiny. Crucial assumptions support that thought. What people identify with produces an association which […]

How Google, Facebook and Twitter Skew Internet News Against Conservatives

biasEver notice when you search for news or politics on Google News that the majority of search results tend to be articles from left-leaning publications? A search on Hillary Clinton today […]

British Hospitals in the Red Send Strong Warning to the US

Britain has “free” health care, which means it is run by the government and funded by taxpayers. Those on the left in the U.S. want to move to this model, which is often referred to […]

Islam and America-Where do we go from here?

Islam Infiltration of this administration, educational facilities at all levels and everyday life has increased to concerning levels. A good many in this administration have Muslim Brotherhood backgrounds, and have been brought to light by many fine writers in the past. There are other aspects that need to be brought forward for the American people […]

Bad Ideas Never Die

Good economic intentions often lead to bad unforeseen consequences.


In 1850, the French economist Frédéric Bastiat wrote an essay: “That which is seen, and that which is unseen”. He said this: “…it almost always happens […]

Feminism And Freedom




The reaction of the mainstream Feminist movement to the rise of an idea called “Choice Feminism”, is probably the event that has done the most in recent years to reveal the true values that lie at that heart of that original movement. Choice Feminism declares […]

The ‘Towering Intellect’: Antonin Scalia’s Legacy for Conservatives

sclConstitutional conservatives were dismayed to learn that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away at age 79 on Saturday, during a quail hunting trip in Texas. He had served on the […]

The Hillary Servergate Scandal Just Got Bigger

svrgtA U.S. government official close to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server said that at least a dozen other people saw “top secret” level intelligence within those emails. A second […]

The Problem Is, Bush Did Lie

David French, writing at National Review, (There’s a shocker!) accuses Donald Trump of being a Democrat because he challenges the “conservative” narrative on the Iraq War. This is a common theme that has filled social media and the conservative webosphere since last Saturday’s Republican debate. The problem for French and the rest of the interventionist […]

Republican Supreme Court strategy: Give President Obama Constitutional high ground

This past weekend America lost a great Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He was the face of the originalist school of Constitutional interpretation. So it was quite ironic when many leading Republicans publicly said that the next President should select Scalia’s replacement. For Republicans, ostensibly defenders of the Constitution to take this stand was very […]

Spare Me Your Protests About Trump and Decorum

A common theme I have seen lately is the contention that Donald Trump is too uncouth and his populism too inchoate to be worthy of support from serious conservatives. This was a major theme of the recent National Review Against Trump issue. His behavior is not Presidential and his policies are not coherent enough we […]

Slaying The Left’s Demon: Why There’s Nothing Right About Fascism

On New Year’s Eve 2015, around one thousand immigrants sexually assaulted hundreds of female revellers in the German city of Cologne. It subsequently emerged that mobs of immigrants in other European cities had also mussohit2

To Shoot, Or Not To Schoot: That Will Be The Question

Duly NotedDuly Noted by George Handlery To Shoot, Or Not To Shoot: That Will Be the Question. A lesson of the 20th century is that Europe master ineffectively her self-created crises. Naming the consequences demands that we get brutal to remain honest. Thus, as it involves the […]

Hillary Clinton Coming Under Increasing Fire as ‘The Goldman Sachs Candidate for President’

Goldman Sachs candidate Hillary ClintonThe American middle class has been suffering for several years in the wake of the financial crisis that began at the end of President Bush’s second term, […]

Woman Who Said Bill Clinton Groped Her Named Spokesperson for RAPE PAC Against Hillary

targetKathleen Willey, who told 60 Minutes she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton, is taking a position as spokeswoman for a PAC opposing Hillary Clinton. Willey said she was groped by Bill Clinton in the […]

Obama's Jobs Recovery Not So Hot - Reagan's Capitalistic Approach was Much More Effective


The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released the national employment situation showing the unemployment rate to be 4.9% as of January 2016, a drop of .1% from December 2015. For the same […]

Christie was Wrong about Social Security!

Christie was Wrong about Social Security!

By Dr. Phil Taverna


Governor Christie blew it at the Republican debate. The question was about entitlements. How did he get to My Social Security.


It should be clear to dumb Republicans like Christie and Ryan… Keep your dirty hands off my Social Security Checks. […]

Islamic Refugee Problem Terrifying Europeans, Coming to US Next

rfgsThe mostly Islamic refugees fleeing oppressive regimes like Syria and Iraq are increasing, not decreasing, and it is starting to bring out strong opposition in the European countries they are fleeing […]

Ted Cruz: Constitutional Conservative?

In the past few years I have noticed an increase in the use of the term constitutional conservative, usually to describe a candidate or politician who is associated with the Tea Party or is otherwise generally considered “more” conservative by degree. I have seen this term used a lot lately to describe Sen. Ted Cruz, […]

Rational Immigration

islmcrfgsIt is frequently stated that the United States is a nation of immigrants, but while that was once true, it is no longer true. We were a nation of immigrants during the seventeenth and eighteenth […]

The politically motivated, wrongful prosecution of Rick Renzi

New AG Sessions and Congress Must Investigate DOJ Corruption in the Case of Rep. Rick Renzi
Rick Renzi Puts Together Top Legal Team to Appeal Hidden Evidence of FBI Agent's Corruption
Judge Unbelievably Refuses to Grant a Retrial for Former Rep. Renzi Despite Finding Rampant Prosecutorial Wrongdoing
Bombshell: New Evidence Reveals Prosecutor Corruption in Trial Against Former Congressman Rick Renzi
Time For a Congressional Investigation: Shattering New Developments of Corruption in Rep. Renzi Trial
Judge Unravels Illegal Activity by Prosecution That Ensured a Conviction of Renzi — But Will he do Anything About it?
Former Congressman Renzi Deserves a New Trial
SCOTUS Turns Down Former Rep. Rick Renzi’s Appeal of Legal Assault

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