Our Affirmative Action President

Obama is our affirmative action president.  He was elected for his failures rather than his accomplishments. 


Affirmative action was established by President Kennedy, followed by President Lyndon Johnson.  It was done by executive order and insisted that actions and government employers take affirmative action to hire without regard to race, religion and national origin.  Gender was added in 1968. 




It occurs to me that if we are to have affirmative action at all then we should apply it to every area where there is a possibility of an individual not receiving an equal job or school placement. Thus the mentally ill, the retarded and criminals should all be given affirmative action.  And while we’re at it those who have Attention Deficit Disorder should be given jobs where they don’t have to concentrate.  And the poor who have failed to provide for themselves should be given wardrobes, homes, cars and money for dates.  Why not give them all free healthcare?  Oh, that’s right, Obama is already doing that in the Affordable Health Care Act.    




Obama is big on giving out your fair share.  But there is no fair share. It’s theocratic of Obama to say that there is.  He wants to be a pope and a king. Things are what they are, not what Obama deigns them.  




What is going on in this nanny state where the government is not rewarding opportunity but it is determining the results?  Self-reliance has become government reliance.  Obama has become the king of dispensing goodies.  He waves his magic wand while his zombie populace walk around with dull, dead looks in their eyes. They walk into the voting booths and pull the switch for their dispenser, Obama.




Obama is our affirmative action president.  He was elected for his failures rather than his accomplishments.  The Nobel Prize celebrated him for doing nothing.  He has ruined our economy and our foreign relations.  He is running a remedial government. His failures are our demise. 
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