Obama Wins: Whither America?

It’s been a week since the election and I am still shell-shocked. Alas, I bought into the hyperbole that Dick Morris and other right-leaning pundits were spewing – namely, that Romney was going to win, if not convincingly then at least comfortably.

In retrospect, that faulty prognosis was predicated on three premises: the massive 2008 turnout by Obama’s legions (blacks, Hispanics, single women, young voters) would not be repeated; America was fed up with Obama’s Keynesian economic policies that had resulted in the weakest economic recovery in 75 years; and conservatives and independents were so energized that their support would more than compensate for Obama’s legions. The first premise was certainly false. The second, even if true, discounted the fact that Obama’s legions didn’t care. And while there was some truth to the third, the groundswell was confined to a demographic that we now recognize is rapidly being eclipsed by its complement.

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