Obama Style: Russia Looking to Bribe Ukraine

Both Obama and Putin bribe people. And when they no longer have use for you, things can get ugly.

Brothers of the Bribe

When President Barack Obama wants to entice you to support him – or reward you for doing so – he bribes you.  Often with our money.

The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) has long been a loyal Democrat apparatchik.  So President Obama gives them $26.5 billion of our money – disguised as an “auto industry bailout.”


The President – as the Government Candidate – wants to broaden his Government-Dependent base.  So he illegally guts the welfare work requirement, expands food stamp recipients from thirty-two to forty-seven millionlards up the Social Security disability rolls and hands out free Obama Phones like there’s no tomorrow.



But when President Obama no longer has any use for you – well, things can get ugly.  For you.

See Wright, Reverend Jeremiah.  Or the President’s “white grandmother.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin is himself a pioneer of this Obama Model.

Unlike President Obama, Putin isn’t a national masochist.  So he has an additional commodity with which to grease palms – domestic energy.


Russia Offers Ukraine Cheap Gas If Kyiv Joins Customs Union


(Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai) Azarov said on October 9 that Russia had “put forward conditions: join the Customs Union and tomorrow you will receive gas for $160 (per 1,000 cubic meters).”


Ukraine is currently paying some $420 per 1,000 cubic meters and the country has imported less Russian gas in 2012 due to disputes over the price.


That’s the carrot.  Because the stick hasn’t for Putin been working fast enough.  Russia wants control of Ukraine’s natural gas pipelines – badly.

Pressure Builds in Russia-Ukraine Pipeline Row


Russia raised the stakes Friday over its efforts to take control of Ukraine’s gas-pipeline system, as it started diverting gas supplies to Europe away from the former Soviet republic. But Moscow has yet to play its most powerful card that could put an end to the saga about gas transit through Ukraine….


Russia — a major supplier of natural gas to Europe — relies strongly on Ukraine, through which Russian gas travels west to Europe. The two neighbors remain locked in talks over a new gas-supply contract; Kiev is pushing for cheaper gas in order to balance its budget, but in exchange for lower-priced gas, Moscow is aiming to gain control of Ukraine’s pipeline system….


But Ukraine should think twice about joining Russia’s Customs Union.

Gazprom’s North Stream: Not Everybody is Celebrating


More congratulations for Vladimir Putin who after celebrating his 60th birthday at the weekend travelled to northwest Russia to launch the second string of the North Stream gas pipeline.


Alexei Miller, Gazprom chief executive, said the Russian president should take the credit for the project that will bolster Russian gas exports to Europe and reduce dependence on transit pipelines across Ukraine.


Russia will likely continue to work on their Ukraine-end-run pipeline – even if Ukraine cuts a deal and joins the Customs Union.  Which means what little leverage Ukraine has will continue to deteriorate.             


So Ukraine may in very short order end up with nothing – save for their sell-out to Mother Russia.

And once Putin’s Playland has no more use for you, things can get ugly.  For you.

Viktor Yushchenko and the Poison Theory


Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko      


So one wonders why Ukraine would even consider entering into any sort of arrangement with Mother Russia.

With prospective friends like these….

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