Obama’s Divide the GOP and Conquer Strategy

 Why not turn the tables on the Democrats and use their own emotional rhetoric against them? If deep spending cuts aren’t made, we won’t be able to pay teachers and law enforcement.

Obama has figured out how to force his left wing agenda through even though he was reelected with a divided country. He cherry picks issues which divide the Republican Party. The Republican Party ends up fighting within itself, diverting the public’s attention to its chaos rather than Obama’s agenda. The Republican Party is left looking unprincipled, confused and hypocritical.

Look at the most recent high-profile political battles. With the help of the complicit liberal media, Obama made extending the payroll tax cut to avoid the “fiscal cliff” one of the biggest issues. It is not a clear-cut Republican versus Democrat issue, because while Republicans are generally in favor of lower taxes, government spending is out of control. Every time the extension has come up for a vote, Republicans are split. If they vote to extend it, they look fiscally irresponsible. If they vote to end it, they look like they support a tax increase. Either way they will be skewered by both the left and the right for deserting their principles, and Obama skates away free to pursue his agenda with little scrutiny. The Democrats escape scrutiny on the payroll tax cut extension votes because they don’t claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility or friend of the taxpayers. They merely claim to stand for murky concepts like “caring about Americans.”


The latest issue Obama is dividing Republicans over is raising the debt ceiling. Naturally Republicans oppose increasing it, while Democrats support an increase in order to support their ever-ballooning social programs. However, Obama and the Democrats in Congress have figured out how to convolute the issue in order to divide Republicans. Compounding that, the liberal news media spins its coverage so that the average American does not fully understand the dynamics.

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  • sedonaman

    Re: [from the link] “The Pentagon has a history of wasteful spending. Conservatives should figure out how to cut some of the Pentagon’s budget …”

    This is true, but the key words here are “figure out”.

    The first thing they would have to do is prioritize their projects. They will never do this because it would mean the elimination of whole projects, like the robotic squirrel. No one wants this because it would require politically unpalatable reductions in workforce [RIFs]; they would rather cut everyone [say] 10% than some 100%. It would also require Congress to become competent; they would have to become technically knowledgeable about the relative importance of the programs they fund.

    That said, I think this article is the closest thing to a response to Democrat tactics that I’ve seen.

    “Don’t try to improve their [the voters’] minds. Appeal to their emotions. Make them laugh; make them cry; make them mad, even if it’s you they get mad at.” – All the King’s Men, reporter Jack Burden to candidate Willie Stark.

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