President Obama, You Are Such A Loser!

If you’re fed up with what’s going on in the Obama White House, then check out the following video:

Watch it in amazement as Megyn Kelly takes only 82 SECONDS to expose all of the Obama-administration’s incompentence & duplicity surely a record-setting pace, worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records.

Forget Bill O’Reilly … forget Sean Hannity … this amazing woman is a one-woman wrecking crew when it comes to checking off the low points in office of the Self-Annointed-One, Barack Hussein Obama!

Compared to Megyn Kelly, “Special Report’s” Brett Baeir is an obsequious sissy!

Even the ever-thoughtful Britt Hume comes off as a bloviating irritant, in comparison to the “Kelly File” designated broadcast ‘Assassin’ (of Washington fools & knaves)!

Keep on, keeping on (as always) Megyn Kelly … America is a better place because of you!

Nuff said, on my part, I think.

[Murray Soupcoff is editor and co-author of “Good Buy Canada” and author of “Canada 1984”.

He was a founding member (and senior partner) of Ian Sone & Associates Ltd — Canada’s first independent social-research company specializing in the evaluations of federal, provincial & municipal government projects in Canada.

He is also the publisher of the FREE “Soupcoff Report” investment newsletter, whose distribution is partly subsidized by paid subscriptions from former research clients.

You can e-mail Murray Soupcoff at:]

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