Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama

Why did minority voters support Obama in even larger numbers in 2012, considering they have suffered economically more than whites under his first term?

It is puzzling that so many minorities voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney considering how disproportionately they have suffered economically during Obama’s presidency. Black unemployment under Obama increased at a higher pace than whites, from 12.7% to 14.1%, ending at almost twice the unemployment rate of whites. Now, one out of every seven blacks is unemployed. White unemployment barely increased under Obama, from 7.1% to 7.4%.

Blacks’ median income has fallen 11.1% under Obama, more than twice as much as whites. The disparity in wealth between whites and blacks nearly doubled during Obama’s tenure. According to CNN, the median net worth of the average white person is now 22 times as much as the the average black person’s wealth, $110,729 to $4,995. The disparity between white and Hispanic wealth increased to a 15 to 1 ratio.

Despite these facts, a recent Pew survey found that the number of blacks who thought they were better off now than they were five years earlier almost doubled since 2007. Minorities put Obama over the top in the election. More Latinos voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008.

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1 comment to Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama

  • Bill Wavering

    I don’t think it’s puzzling at all. The persons you speak of don’t see themselves as suffering under Obama. They don’t care about what the respective unemployment rate is. They care about stuff; and Obama ‘gives’ them stuff.

    They get rent subsidies, electric subsidies, free cell phones, food stamps, 99 weeks of unemployment, and now ‘free’ medical careincluding the contraceptive of your choice: Money for nothing and chicks for free!

    The future of this country will no longer be subject to ideological discussion: It will be decided solely on which party can convince the majority of the people that they can manage the modern welfare state better than the incumbent majority.

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