Mass Amnesty

According to Catholic News Agency, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, along with a group of liberal activist Catholic Bishops, recently celebrated Mass at the U.S./Mexican border in support of American immigration amnesty legislation in which the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, along with the Sacred Species, the very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ was passed through the border fence in a near blasphemous use of the Holy Eucharist for political purposes.

While I cannot verify this, I doubt very much whether the Mexican Bishops ever held a similar political Mass on their southern border with Guatemala where Mexico’s own barbaric and immoral immigration laws and corrupt officials, as a matter of course, routinely abuse, rob, and sexually assault Central and South American immigrants trying desperately to traverse Mexico to emigrate to the United States.  In contrast, relatively liberal U.S. immigration policy coddles and protects illegal immigrants to the detriment of legal immigrants and American citizens alike.

Moreover I can find no instance of Cardinal O’Malley offering Mass in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill wherein the objectively evil act of child murder is performed on a daily basis.  No, instead of restricting his distasteful use of the Mass to advance his political agenda to a forum in which the activity he is protesting is actually objectively and gravely evil, he irreverently (to be charitable) uses the Mass to advance his own leftist agenda on a matter that is a mere question of prudential judgment by the faithful.  That is, a Catholic may not in good conscience support or condone abortion; it is simply not allowed.  Procured abortion is always considered a grave moral evil which cries out to Heaven for justice and must be opposed by all Catholics.  A nation’s immigration policy is, on the other hand, a matter of prudential judgment; that is, it is an issue that faithful Catholics may have any good-faith opinion about and stay in good standing with the Church.

While self-righteously lamenting the lives lost by the poor souls who attempt the very risky desert border crossing, never does the Cardinal mention the fact that it is the very vocal public support by liberal politicians and clergy for immigration amnesty legislation in the U.S. that causes so many immigrants to risk their lives in the hope of evading interdiction and earning a place in the next round of amnesty.  I would argue that it is amnesty supporters who have caused the loss of life among these desperate people, not its opponents.  Moreover, while it is of course appropriate for the Cardinal to lament the loss of life along the border, he fails to mention the thousands of people who become the victims of violent crime, ranging from robbery, sexual assault, and murder to vehicular homicide by drunk drivers committed by illegal aliens in America.  

Perhaps the Cardinal and all American clergy should stick to questions of faith and morals and stay away from matters of economics and politics; because in their ignorance they embarrass themselves and along with them all faithful Catholics who disagree with their leftist drivel.

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