If Canada Doesn’t Need a National Gun Registry, Why Do We?

Canada did away with its firearms registry in 2012.

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  • Bill Wavering

    There are three distinct things that would be accomplished by a National Gun registry:

    First: Everybody would eventually know where all the guns are. Remember the situation created by the Journal News when it published the names and addresses of all the gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties in New York? The registry would be subject to the FOIA. Now imagine an interactive map of all the gun owners in the entire country. Do you believe, for one minute, the New York Times wouldn’t jump at the chance to create such an interactive map?

    Second: Once you have such a registry; any time you update the gun restriction laws to include another firearm; you’ll know exactly where to go and collect said newly outlawed firearm. Politicians can manufacture criminals as required in order to distract from other pressing issues.

    Third: While such a registry would not affect criminals one bit as they, by definition, do not obey the law: It could make inadvertent criminals out of law-abiding citizens. I used to have a Concealed Carry Permit. Recently my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin in order to assist me with my challenge of quitting smoking after 45 years. We went with this specific drug because I was concerned about the adverse side effects reported by Chantrix.

    I went to renew my CCW last month and my re-application was turned down by state law enforcement. They also informed me that my CCW was immediately rescinded. Why? Wellbutrin is defined by the FDA as an anti-depressant: An automatic disqualifier for a CCW.

    So what happens when some poor sap decides to quit smoking, gets a prescription from his doctor, and a week later the feds kick in his door, handcuff him and confiscate all his duly registered firearms because they just ‘think’ he may be depressed.

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