Help, My Child Has Cancer. Call a Lobbyist!

Bereavement - Missing Father from a Family

Bereavement – Missing Father from a Family

No one cares what a lobbyist has to say when dealing with a physical ailment such as cancer. Nor even psychological issues for the most part. But when it comes to the long list of ailments children experience due to divorce, those in power ignore the world’s leading researchers and bizarrely give credence to lobbyists instead.

Look at what just happened in Florida, for example. The powerful Florida Bar Association, through its Family Law Section, spent $105,000 hiring last minute “emergency lobbyists” to ensure the defeat of common sense legislation that would have modernized the state’s antiquated and unfair child custody and alimony laws. Even though the legislature passed SB 668 by supermajority margins, the powerful lobbyists for the Bar convinced Governor Rick Scott (R) to veto it — despite the fact that 110 world experts have endorsed shared parenting and it is favored by 70 percent of the population.

What this means today is that lobbyists are essentially defining the best interests of children. Child development experts, who have performed exhaustive research and studies, showing that children need to be with both their parents for significant periods of time to ensure their emotional health and well-being, are ignored.

The establishment response is that shared parenting — making custody arrangements more evenly split between parents — isn’t appropriate. Excuses are thrown around like “one size doesn’t fit all,” “every case is different,” and my personal favorite: “shared parenting is fine, it’s the presumptions that we don’t agree with.”

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