Dog Rescuer Needs Rescuing

papillonsLast weekend there was a tragic fire (see initial news report) in Scottsdale, AZ at the home of a sub-standard breeder. While no one yet knows how many Papillons perished in the fire, reports have approximated anywhere between 10 and 20.

On the day of the fire, Jason Christy, a Papillon rescue volunteer spoke with multiple television media outlets, was involved in significant social media campaigns and concluded last Saturday by arranging to have the sub standard dog breeder surrender (Watch the surrender here) three of the dogs that survived.

Jason then got the dogs turned over to the Papillon rescue group and the dogs began receiving the medical attention they needed. One dog is quite ill and requires daily medicine. Another has detached retinas, and yet another is pregnant!

Unfortunately, the sub standard breeder, who admitted on camera to performing autopsies on her own dogs, said on camera that she has scraped dog’s teeth with screwdrivers, and admitted to multiple suspensions from the American Kennel Club is making statements that indicate that she did not give the dogs to Jason Christy, and has recanted most of what is shown in the video.

Jason Christy has hired the best animal rights and pet activist attorney in the state of Arizona- John Schill of the Schill Law Group.John and his firm have worked on some of the highest profile animal cases in the country. The case of the pitbull he personally represented and prevented a euthanasia, and he currently is also representing the 20 families who lost dogs in the Gilbert Kennel last week.

Unfortunately, legal bills are expensive and add up quickly.  Your  help is needed to fend off this backyard breeder and her friends from forcing the return of the dogs to their unseemly conditions. The dogs are in loving foster homes and receiving quality medical care.

Jason Christy ran the conservative Christian website The Church Report for years.

Please help rescue the rescuer! Click here to donate what you can, whether $5, $10 or more. 

papillon rescue

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