Detroit (1701-2013) … R.I.P.

After Obama won a second term in 2012, I left my liberal church in Detroit after 25 years (Hartford Memorial Baptist), for I could no longer bear to worship with people who gleefully elected a man who has such utter contempt for America, Christianity and Christians.


I was born and raised in Detroit. Since I am by nature an iconoclast, a contrarian, I am not the least surprised at the bankruptcy of Detroit. I personally witnessed her downfall for so long. Detroit, like most big cities in America, is the result of unbridled political policies of the Democratic Socialist Party running wild for decades. Detroit is a city that is rampant with crackhouse neighborhoods, crime, gangs, despair, Democratic Machine corruption, legalized thievery ubiquitously referred to as “welfare,” food stamp fraud, 73 percent illegitimate birthrates, Marxist bloodsucking unionism, 47 percent of Detroiters functionally illiterate, compromised Christians, phony preachers and the leftists purposeful deconstruction of the black family. All of these factors in part contributed to the deconstruction of Detroit.

‘The Paris of America’

In 1951 my mother and her elder sister arrived in Detroit fleeing the racism of the South and their native Arkansas as millions of blacks before them and after them had done. Detroit, a fictional land flowing with milk and honey; Detroit, the “Paris of America,” “Motown” the “Motor-City,” the “arsenal of Democracy,” the “City of Trees.” The pinnacle year for Detroit was 1950: the fourth-largest city in the nation with almost 2 million people, a gritty industrial capital of America where with little education one could get a factory job, buy a modest house, raise a family and in 30 years retire with full medical benefits and a lavish pension mostly paid for by strangers (taxpayers) you would never personally know.

Detroit: Pinnacle or Abyss?

As Detroit stood at the pinnacle of her greatness in 1950, she was also at the precipice ready to plunge into the abyss for all of her former glory, as the economic engine that drove the great ship USA was built upon a Big Lie – Detroit’s rise in the 20th century violated Natural Law and violated fundamental principles of capitalism. Detroit was at the height of her powers yet would mark the year the Germans called die Rechnung (the reckoning) – a planned period of economic, political, moral and social deconstruction that would take the next 60 years to complete its ultimate damnation.

July 1967 – the Detroit Riots exposed the phony prosperity of Detroit built on decades of socialism, liberalism and progressive policies which that summer exploded into an orgy of racial hatred, repressed anger and depressing despair by multitudes of Detroit blacks who failed to assimilate into society, whose suicidal lifestyles would never achieve the American dream. Forty three people were killed, 467 injured, 7,234 arrests. After the 1863 New York Draft Riots, the Detroit Riots stands as the second-bloodiest riots in American history.

I came of age during these Detroit Riots of ’67. As a little boy of 5, I lived in the ghetto on the lower eastside of the city. I saw the looters and vandals running wild in the streets, setting fires, destroying everything, burning what they did not steal and destroy. I saw the soldiers that Mitt Romney’s father, Gov. George W. Romney, and LBJ sent to our neighborhood in their futile efforts to stop the self-genocide of a once-great city. My mother even took pictures of me with the soldiers holding their assault rifles.

A few days later the riots were quelled, the criminals put in jail or killed, and slowly the city returned to a normal existence, yet normalcy in Detroit was murdered during the Detroit Riots. As white people fled the city for the suburbs in such great numbers social historians called this phenomena “white flight,” the cancer that was socialism, progressivism and liberalism had now metastasized, become malignant and spread its deadly disease throughout the city, eventually causing over 1,300,000 taxpayer casualties between 1950-2013.

In 1968 Detroit Common Council approved the federal “Model Cities” program. Model Cities was an element of President Johnson’s “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” programs created in reaction to the failure of FDR’s “New Deal,” urban renewal, welfare and anti-poverty projects to stem the urban violence and disillusionment. What FDR and LBJ’s brain trusts called “projects,” or low-income housing complexes, were in reality giant coffins and multi-level tombs for the damned … living graves for the millions and millions of lost souls foolish enough to believe that government programs of any kind can help anyone.


Utopians, Darwinists, evolution atheists, humanists, environmentalists and leftists in general always concoct social welfare programs for one purpose and one purpose only: democide, the murder of any person or people by the government usually based on race, ethnicity or national origin. FDR’s “New Deal” killed the Constitution and the American spirit. LBJ’s “Great Society” killed the black family. Obamacare will kill America. Each day America kills over 3,000 innocents, over 1,300 of them little black babies (43 percent), and not one Trayvon-style, 100-city rally led by Al Sharpton is staged or even a damn T-shirt created for these anonymous Americans! Many of these innocent babies lived in Detroit.

Detroit is a creature of the state, a cautionary tale of how leftist monopolies like teacher unions mis-educated our children and socialist autoworker unions since the 1930s have forced overpayment for work free-market capitalism could never sustain indefinitely. Detroit Machine politicians like Mayor Coleman A. Young (1974-1994), a racist demagogue and a reactionary Marxist, gave white folks the middle finger, taunting them to get across 8 Mile (the city’s western border) – and guess what? White people, their businesses, their tax base and their moral examples of success forever left the city. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (2002-08), a psychopathic narcissist, this year was found guilty on multiple federal counts of bribery and fraud and will spend decades in prison.

After Obama won a second term in 2012, I left my liberal church in Detroit after 25 years (Hartford Memorial Baptist), for I could no longer bear to worship with people who gleefully elected a man who has such utter contempt for America, Christianity and Christians. Detroit has demonstrated to the world that liberal fascism will always fail because it will always collapse upon the weight of its own immorality.

Detroit (1701-2013) … R.I.P.

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3 comments to Detroit (1701-2013) … R.I.P.

  • sedonaman

    “I saw the soldiers that Mitt Romney’s father, Gov. George W. Romney, and LBJ sent to our neighborhood…”

    There was probably little reason for concern because the guns were probably empty. A close friend was in a unit of the National Guard sent to quell the LA riots, and he told me they were not given any ammunition. This was confirmed many years later in the PBS documentary LBJ. It quoted him saying, “All I need is one of them soldiers shooting a pregnant n****r.”

    “…it will always collapse upon the weight of its own immorality” because liberal politicians are like the pigs in Animal Farm who control the wealth but produce none of their own.

  • Anonymous

    Your chronicle of the demise of Detroit is instructive. The City did not die all at once but slowly and without thought.
    I see the same happening to the U.S.A. My expectation is that before that happens across the Nation, the return of sectionalism, never really dealt with at the Constitutional Convention of 1789 or the Civil War, will happen. Sectional or regions of common interest will decide the price of Union is too high.

  • sedonaman

    To sum it up, Detroit just ran out of other peoples’ money.

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