Mass Amnesty

According to Catholic News Agency, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, along with a group of liberal activist Catholic Bishops, recently celebrated Mass at the U.S./Mexican border in support of American immigration amnesty legislation in which the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, along with the Sacred Species, the very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of [...]

It's Not a Fair Fight

pugilistsConservatives are smacking their heads these days wondering how the USA could have arrived at such an unbalanced state. On the one hand, Obama suffers little, if any, punishment for his blatant lies and mischaracterizations: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your [...]

The Battle Royal Over Values: Politically Divisive, Socially Imperative (Part One)


Faites votre destin, âmes désordonés,

Et fuyez l’infini que vous portez en vous.

final lines of Baudelaire’s “Delphine et Hippolite”

I’m trying not to get really ticked off.

I never watched Duck Dynasty before The Incident, and I [...]

Un-transforming America

emptystI always considered Barack Obama an empty suit, a coffeehouse communist, doomed to replay the tragic political and economic mistakes of the past because he lacked any sense of history beyond the clichés of fashionable and comfortable college Marxism.

Like the characters and events in his autobiography [...]

Duly Noted - “Karl Marx For President”

Duly NotedIncompetence and endangered freedom.

Recently, a memorable video had been circulated. It showed a person collecting signatures in a better neighborhood. So far, you have not discovered anything sufficiently unusual to deserve a commentary. The wondering ends when you hear about the matter for [...]

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