Handwringing Over Trump's Debt Comments Misplaced

Donald Trump’s comments on how he would handle the national debt sent shockwaves trough the financial pundit class and the Never Trumpers. During an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, when asked if he would renegotiate the debt said “I would borrow knowing that if the economy crashed you could make a deal.”

In an article […]

A Critical Threat

There are Muslim communities in the United States that are operating in defiance of the United States Constitution and invoking sharia law on the communities such Dearborn Michigan . Although many states have passed legislation banning sharia law in those states, it is by no means comprehensive. The public by and large have been unaware […]

The “Illiberal State”


Duly Noted

Duly Noted by George Handlery

Writers specialize on aspects of their biography or they avoid the subject. Thereby, countries can be ignored to avoid the appearance of prejudice. Due a turbulent past, your correspondent has several “like” countries he likes to avoid. Alas, one […]

Obama Thinks His Show is not Reality TV?

Obama Thinks His Show is not Reality TV?

By Dr. Phil Taverna


It was kind of funny when Obama was trouncing Trump about Reality TV. I guess Obama has a short or selective memory. His entire campaign and presidency has been a joke, reality TV, and maybe a sham.


What […]

The Totalitarianism of Climate Change Part2

So now the IPCC claims that weather patterns will become unpredictable. The large corporations are running to jump onboard including, Coke, Monsanto, Mars and IBM even though the theories they use ti justify the expenditures have been proven false. These and many other corporations are responding to data that has been proven to be demonstrably […]

“Black Lives Matter” isn’t helping

“Furthering” the Black Lives Matter meme is a constant barrage of sit-in participants, watching people eat in upscale neighborhoods, attacking innocent folks who do not have the ability to defend themselves from a rampaging mob, taking over political meetings and even going so far as knocking out 80 year old retired veterans. Of course this […]

The Totalitarianism of Climate Change

The new summary from the UN’s international Panel on Climate Change has once again provided us with a snapshot of the Armageddon of climate change. The US Government has spent $131 billion on climate change between 2001 and 2014 to combat “human caused” climate change and $176 billion in tax breaks for initiatives that have […]

Trump Boehner and Icahn: Oh my What a Mess we have Here.

Trump Boehner and Icahn: Oh my What a Mess we have Here.

By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is tough to understand all the shenanigans that seem to be appearing by the minute in the liberal’s media. Trump is winning big in states that will never go to a Republican president. Loser […]

Global Warming and Climate Change: Time to Debunk the Nonsense.

Global Warming and Climate Change: Time to Debunk the Nonsense.

Kimmel is gone!

By Dr. Phil Taverna


The liberal media pushes at least 2 pieces a week on climate change. And they have certain reporters that know nothing but report on it constantly. But no matter how you look at […]

Is the Demise of Christianity part of a Plan?

The war on Christians continues unabated. Throughout the Middle East, in most of Europe, and even here in the United States, the future of Christianity is becoming bleak. Is there a unified structure that is pushing this war forward? The body count in the Middle East would lead one to believe that this is a […]

Donald Trump and our Cultural Dilemma

As the nomination of Donald Trump nears, it is enlightening to watch so-called “conservatives” twist themselves into all sorts of shapes to justify supporting him. Sean Hannity, whose lack of knowledge about conservative history has never ceased to astonish me, embarrassed himself (again) by attacking Senator Cruz recently because Cruz refused to answer a clearly […]

Hillary and Kimmel whose the biggest liar?

Hillary and Kimmel whose the biggest liar?

By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is hard to believe that Hillary is actually getting votes. Her husband was a liar. And then she appears on Kimmel and she tells Jimmy that Billy Bob’s comment about Obama’s legacy was not about Obama? What! […]

Hillary, Politics and the Presidency

Now that there will be depositions from Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and a deposition already completed by Bryan Pagliano as approved by both the State Department and Judicial Wat6ch, what should we expect from here? In February it was ruled that Judicial Watch should be permitted to take depositions for information pertinent to both the […]

Are the Republican Candidates Honest?

Several candidates have participated in a circular firing squad, shooting accusations of dishonesty at each other. Some accusations stick, some don’t.

Donald Trump has nick-named Ted Cruz as “Lying Ted”, because the Cruz campaign told voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, when he wasn’t. He adds that Cruz accused him (Trump) […]

Protect the Order of Freedom

Image preview

Protect the Order of Freedom.

Islam baffles the Western world. A PC-induced inability to face the fundamentals, translates into ineffective counter punches. Thus, meeting the challenge is hindered. Confronting Islam demands that some of our principles be questioned. It also asks us to adjust tradition imposed behavior to theirs. […]

Hilllary and National Security Part 3

Democratic Princess Hillary is in trouble. She continues to talk about the FBI doing a security evaluation rather than an investigation. The media will not tell the American People that it is , in fact, an investigation. In the past weeks the developments have been forthcoming. The private e-mail that Hillary used, clintonemail.com, was set […]

Hillary and National Security Part 2

As was mentioned in the first part of this column (http://intellectualconservative.com/hillary-and-national-security-part-1/), it has been proven that a top official at State suggested to Huma Abedin, Hillarys top aide that she should start using a government e mail account to protect against outages and hacking. The State Department was rebuffed by Abedin who stated that a […]

Obama’s Economy Sucks. I for one give Obama the Credit he Deserves!

Obama’s Economy Sucks. I for one give Obama the Credit he Deserves!

By Dr. Phil Taverna


The liberal media for a while has been trying to give Obama credit for this robust economy. If he was a Republican, they would be tearing the economy apart. But since we have a commie liberal, […]

Muslims Everywhere: What are We to do?

Muslims Everywhere: What are We to do?

By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is strange how Islamic attacks are becoming globally common place. And really not much uproar. You think after 911 they would have been eradicated. But it didn’t take long for the liberal loons to blame it on climate and […]

Self Respect and Penance

Duly Noted by George Handlery

Self Respect and Penance.

In a recent posting, “Duly Noted” had asserted, that Europe is ambivalent about protecting its interests. That being the case, she needs to rely on the USA –which is accused of doing the job wrongly. Europe is voluntarily in need of […]




Hillary and National Security Part 1

The Clinton e-mail scandal will not go away anytime soon. Although both this administration and the media have tried to keep from the public the corruption within this scandal, the majority of citizens who are god fearing hard working family members understand that national security is at stake. The use of a private e mail […]

The AP touts Obamacare's coerced enrollment numbers on it's 6 year anniversary

On the eve of the six year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act the Associated Press is touting the laws success in lowering the rate of uninsured Americans.

They stated “ there’s growing evidence that most of the gain in the number of Americans with health care coverage is due to […]

I Am Establishment

So who is this “establishment” being talked about by all the angry folks out there. Apparently, the establishment is Mitt Romney. But then, Mr. Romney isn’t even in government. Does that really count? Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are now apparently the establishment. That is a bit odd. Both were Tea Party favorites only a […]

Conservatives Dont Own The Republican Party

The conservative base of the Republican Party cannot understand how Donald Trump has ascended to being the leading candidate for presidential nominee despite all evidence showing he isn’t conservative. Because they can’t understand it they are angry which is making them blind to a disastrous political mistake they are making.

The foundation of conservatives inability […]

The politically motivated, wrongful prosecution of Rick Renzi

Rick Renzi Puts Together Top Legal Team to Appeal Hidden Evidence of FBI Agent's Corruption

Judge Unbelievably Refuses to Grant a Retrial for Former Rep. Renzi Despite Finding Rampant Prosecutorial Wrongdoing

Bombshell: New Evidence Reveals Prosecutor Corruption in Trial Against Former Congressman Rick Renzi

Time For a Congressional Investigation: Shattering New Developments of Corruption in Rep. Renzi Trial

Judge Unravels Illegal Activity by Prosecution That Ensured a Conviction of Renzi — But Will he do Anything About it?

Former Congressman Renzi Deserves a New Trial

SCOTUS Turns Down Former Rep. Rick Renzi’s Appeal of Legal Assault

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