Bart Brightman vs. The 50 Ft. Democrats

Are you a conservative and looking for an entertaining read this summer?

Let me take this moment to recommend R.K. Delka’s Attack of the 50 Ft. Democrats. I must confess that I seldom read fiction. Real life is so much more interesting. But as the old saying goes, “Art imitates life.” Every once in a great while a book of fiction comes along that I simply cannot put down. This self-published book released earlier this year richly deserves a larger audience.

A few words about the author are in order. Mr. Delka resides on Long Island with his wife, two children, two cats and a Cuban-bred Havanese which, he hastens to add, is not a communist.

Delka’s story revolves around Bart Brightman, a war hero turned United States Senator. In a caucus of spineless Republicans, Brightman stands alone in his patriotism. But Brightman is fighting a losing battle. 

The Left controls nearly all of America’s institutions and is in the process of dismantling the military through the passage of the North American Military Cooperation Act. To be precise, the control is in the hands of one man — Scourge Joros who boasts of his Democrats Under My Influence. Or should I say D.U.M.I.?

The biggest D.U.M.I. of them all is President Larry Sulkit, a man adored by the media. In fact, it is quite common for the media to feel a tingle up their legs or begin involuntarily drooling at the mere mention of his name. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, Brightman was defeated by Sulkit during the last presidential election. Brightman had a big lead in the polls but lost when Merv Nutley, the king of the left-wing media, unveiled a video of Brightman revealing secrets from a war America fought a quarter century earlier. The only reason Brightman revealed these secrets is that he was injected with truth serum by Joros’s men. Nevertheless, this revelation cost the lives of American soldiers. As a result, Brightman has become a pariah and is counting the days to the end of his term and retirement.

However, a series of events will keep Brightman from riding off alone into the sunset. Enter Dr. Albert Gress. He has created a formula that will allow anyone to achieve physical perfection. The only problem is that Dr. Gress needs sodium and the federal government severely restricts the amount he can use. So Dr. Gress turns to Senator Troller, a Democrat from Nevada. Delka writes:

Gress grinned. Troller was a vision of beauty. Yellow gapped teeth, sparse wispy hair, and pouched, blotched skin adorned his primeval bone structure. If there was ever a man who would appreciate the doctor’s life work, it was the physical anomaly before him.

Dr. Gress wants to make a deal with Troller, but the swarthy Senator ends up stealing the formula and consuming it. At first, Troller turns into an Adonis like man. But not satisfied with perfection, Troller takes more formula and becomes a hideous 50 Ft. Democrat.

When Joros learns that the grotesque giant is one of his D.U.M.I.s, he recruits Troller’s Senate colleague to take the formula thus creating an army of 50 Ft. Democrats who destroy everything in their path. Meanwhile, Joros organizes a media campaign to blame Brightman and Republicans for unleashing the giants on the public as demonstrated by this exchange between these “journalists”:

CARRI CARRINGTON: A Republican is destroying the city.

ROB ROBERTS: A fifty-foot giant creature — you heard that right, a giant — is attacking our capital city.

CARRI CARRINGTON: Sources have confirmed that the Republican Party is behind it.

ROB ROBERTS: Is it some sort of monster Republicans ginned up?

CARRI CARRINGTON: Is it an actual Republican?

ROB ROBERTS: We just don’t know yet.

CARRI CARRINGTON: But what we do know is that the Republican plan to destroy the city is having devastating effects.

Brightman isn’t without allies. There is Nantanio Halendros, President of Constitution Verbatim, a Tea Party like organization that surely would have been targeted by the IRS.

Complicating matters is when Nutley finds himself out of favor with Joros after inadvertently agreeing with Halendros on live TV. These circumstances force Brightman, Nutley, and Dr. Gress together. But can Brightman trust either Nutley or Dr. Gress?

The only fault I find with Attack of the 50 Ft. Democrats is the lack of prominent female characters. I make this observation not out of affirmative action or political correctness but the notion that behind every successful man is a strong woman. Is Brightman married? We don’t know.

Yet I keep in mind that people like Scourge Joros may retreat they are never entirely defeated. As long as there is a Scourge Joros trying to fundamentally transform this country, it won’t be the last we hear of Bart Brightman. I look forward to Delka’s next installment.

Attack of the 50 Ft. Democrats is available through Delka’s website and at

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