Are You A Republicrat?

I am not a liberal. I am a conservative. When I say conservative, I do not mean the rank and file CINO, or Conservative In Name Only. I mean that I am a genuine, common sense, down to earth person who will vote for a candidate based on moral constitutional principles of integrity regardless of party. Now before you turn me off labeling me as some fringe wacko libertarian kind of nut, just hear me out.

I am conservative! I am conservative in my suits, ties, manners, religion, music, politics . . . etc. I am a church attending Christian, pro-life anti-abortion, heterosexual husband and father, gun owning, Bible totin’, evangelistic man. I agree with your right to disagree with me and will help you defend that right, but will not stand by passively while you shove your opposing views down my throat. Your opinion is not more important than mine and warrants no special treatment above mine. I believe prayer in Jesus’ name in public or private is constitutional and believe the state should keep its nose out of the free exercise of religion, as stated plainly in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.


I am not for legalizing drugs, and am opposed to big brother government, and think government should be shrunk by at least 95 % since government has boldly gone where our founding fathers never intended. I support the average American little guy of any color or ethnic background, who breaks his back supporting this country and its socialist agenda of spending. I know how to spend what little I make better than out of touch politicians who are more concerned about padding their pockets, pleasing fringe groups and influencing their constituents, rather than representing their constituents.


May I continue in honesty? Thank you. The Democrats started giving away the store under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then mainstreamed it with Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “Great Society,” Barack Hussein Obama has now taken this country to new heights (by the trillions) making Roosevelt, Johnson and others look like amateurs. Though the Republican Party at one time in the past, vigorously opposed this type of liberalism and socialism repeatedly, there is not a dime’s worth of difference today between the elite leadership of the Democrats and the Republicans. The GOP has not stood where it should have stood concerning such things as NAFTA and TARP and stimulus spending, and raising the debt ceiling, and has sold us all down the river on Obamacare.


I am not a party man. I swear allegiance to principle, not party, and that principle is reflected in any candidate I may support. The issue today is no longer between the donkey and the elephant. America does not have a two party system: there is only one party with two branches, Democrat and Republican or what I call the Republicrats. The battle is between the America hating, Marxist/socialists from both parties as they try to run rough shod over We The People, the ones who elect these charlatans. It is time to wake up smell the coffee, re-elect NO ONE and throw every politician out of office, replacing each and every one with statesmen and patriots who will serve the people who elected them, then go back home to their jobs and let the next round of elected officials serve their term, then go home, etc. etc.


I will not vote for another Republican in conservative clothing. Will the real America wake up, unite and prepare for battle? This can be our finest hour.  

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2 comments to Are You A Republicrat?

  • sedonaman

    I suggest the author read Dr. Philip Jackson’s essay “Why Vote for a Winner” in IC on Dec. 10, 2007.

    Voting for a third party candidate serves only one practical, immediate purpose, and that is to help elect someone even more antithetical to your beliefs. … Like it or not, the American political system has evolved to a point today where only two parties have a viable opportunity to win a national election. Any political strategy that ignores this reality is nothing more that a self-***** flight of fancy.


  • Anonymous

    “I am not for legalizing drugs, and am opposed to big brother government” – Giggling at the author’s blindness as to his own hypocrisy. A few facts:

    1. 50% of criminal justice spending in the U.S. is for drug law enforcement. Does the author support that?

    2. 87% percent of wiretap orders in 2011 (i don’t have the 2012 numbers to hand) were for drug cases.

    3. End of 2011 – 197,050 sentenced prisoners under federal jurisdiction. Of these, 94,600 were serving time for drug offenses and only 14,900 for violent offenses – distinct from the 94,600 non violent drug offenders. Another 225,000 are in state prisons for non-violent drug offenses

    4. The”War on Drugs” has had no discernable effect on drug use or addiction.

    5. Any proper understanding of Natural Rights and self-ownership (the basis of our liberty) ipso facto demands that what one does with their body cannot be a crime as long as it doesn’t impinge on other’s rights.

    I wonder, Joey, did you even know any of the above before I cited it here? If not, do you often take policy positions taking away other’s Natural Rights arbitrarily without knowing the facts?

    Last. If you really care about our morality and social fabric, alcohol abuse does far more damage to society than drug use so you should absolutely be rallying for a return of alcohol prohibition, right? I mean, you are such a staunch defender of our moral fabric that you’ll violate our rights to accomplish it, the least you could do would be to actually focus on the biggest problem.

    Nahh, that’s asking to much of any “conservative” who just “knows” that drug use HAS to be illegal…Between authoritarians like you and feral Progressive-Marxists, it’s no wonder our country is going down the tubes.

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